Monday, February 14, 2011

09 Feb 11

Hey, blogspot readers, it's another two-fer of rockin' shows on a bitter Wednesday night. First, SouthSide's at Elbo Room for an intimate performance by Jesse Payne (from AL). Then she's off to The Exit for another Flabby Hoffman Cavalcade show featuring Monk 9.

It was a performance (and experience) like no other featuring the unique vocal style and mellow alternative music by Jesse Payne. For this reviewer, it was an intimate set in which songs from his current album, Nesting, were vividly and vibrantly brought to life. Compared to the recorded version of this artist's music, Jesse's songs perfectly fit the semi-acoustic feel of the stage while lyrically painting images through his words. The entire set had bursts of energy despite sounding very calming and relaxing ...the music itself was simplistic as its best. SouthSide was pleased that not much was needed to entice the audience's ears - Jesee's sweeping instrumentals and melodic rhythms were the right combination to grab everyone's attention. However, fans should also take notice of Jesse and his vocals which, in this reviewer's opinion, was the highlight and the main focal point of this performance. For example, in new song, Take Me (off upcoming new CD) the melodic sound helped add to the vividness of Jesse's voice while he sang. The words seemed to pop to life times, one could hear the wide range of emotions being expressed. SouthSide also suggests listening to the entire album but pay special notice to her favorites, Conversation and Wes Anderson (the live version of this song was beautifully expressive lyrically and musically). Visit or for more details and information about his music and tour dates.

After a couple of quick CTA bus rides, SouthSide arrived in time at The Exit for another exciting edition of the Flabby Hoffman Cavalcade show. Though without its famous masked host, funnyman Sloop Biedermann kept this variety show goind smoothly with a lively mix of comedy and music performances. Local music acts featured tonight were Orifice A and Cousin Bones (who combined music with comedy). Blogspot readers can find snippets of Flabby Hoffman and his variety shows on YouTube while Chicago residents can watch broadcasts every Thursday night on CAN channel 19 at 11:30p to 12:30a.

This popular duo known as Monk 9 made another stellar appearance as well as performance during the music portion of the Cavalcade. They rocked the upstairs of The Exit with its hardcore electro/funk rock groove which certainly had the audience mesmerized by the unique sound. Monk's music always performed under a vibrant guitar (electric/bass combined) riffs and percussion rhythms. SouthSide has seen this duo rock the stage more than twice ...and each time they add something new and/or different to their set. This time, Monk added a lively yet funkified soul sound to two Rolling Stones classics - Sympathy For The Devil and Heartbreaker. Both songs combined were done more reverently than originally intended but drawing out the soul/R&B sound without tainting its rock-n-roll roots. Plus it highlighted Monk's (the groovy guy on guitar) vocals within a soulful vibe ...hopefully there will be more moments like this one, blogspot readers, in which we see the soulful side to Monk 9 under an electric funk cloud. Everyone was Get(ting) Down Tonight (the duo's smokin' hot KC & the Sunshine Band cover) with them as they closed their performance with SouthSide's favorite, Nasty Girl. It's highly recommended that blogspot readers check out the electrifying modern version of the Jimi Hendrix-esque experience known as Monk 9. Visit or for more details and when they're rockin' the stage again.

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