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05 Feb 11 - CD Review

Hey, blogspot readers, the winter might be frightful outside but cozy up with the following recommend CDs that kept SouthSide warm during those long cold nights.

The Clean Boys & Sid Yiddish Safari Freakshow Adventure
Sid Yiddish with The Clean Boys (Denmark)

A unique "live recording" (recorded via Skype between Illinois and Denmark) featuring the eclectic poetry and Haiku humor by Sid Yiddish and the eclectic hardcore punk rock by The Clean Boys. This merge of poetry and rock throughout this 5-track album will fill the ears (as well as the mind) with sounds of orgasmic insanity (track 3 - It's All In Your Head) or ultra cool jazz-like poetry reading (track 2- 75000 Miles). The highlight of this CD is the two-part Haiku where there's music snippets of crazy yet electrifying guitar rock sound while Sid does his Haiku reading such as "...biting a mint/Pow!/right in the kisser..." or "...Hallelujah!/I'm a bum/eating burgers and fries..." (part 1). Part 2 may be a longer version, blogspot readers, but no pop culture icon can escape Sid's infamous Haiku ranting (or raving, depending on how your mind and ears perceive his words). For example, "...John Lennon saying give 'peace a chance'/Yoko Ono took a chance/and got a piece..." ...he even pokes fun at other such icons like Buddy Holly and Elvis/Nikon combined.

My Own Way
Inbal Paz

Recorded in TN at the famous Quad Studios as well as Tel Aviv, Isreal, this 11-track debut CD features more than beautifully expressive vocals by Inbal Paz and a wide range of alternative to folk music but also 4 tracks in which she sings in Hebrew. SouthSide thoroughly enjoyed how this artist is not only inspirational but inserted personal/past experiences from her own life so listeners can draw inspiration off the song lyrics. For example, listen to Track 4 - The Sun Will Come Out Again as Inbal emits her own fears and hopes as well as reflections of experiencing pain and sorrow yet finding the inspiration to move on. Coincidentially this song is dedicated to the memory of her deceased parents. Another fine example, track 6 (also sung in Hebrew on track 11) Guiding Light where SouthSide found it to be a song of encouragement ...inspiring the listener to find strength to move forward to happier days. A beautiful song of gratitude to the person who probably was Inbal's rock and inspiration when she needed him/her the most in her life. SouthSide especially enjoyed track 1 - Inside Out (for the artist's declaration of taking charge of her life towards a new direction under a lively alternative/folk sound) and track 5 - Open Your Eyes (this reviewer found herself relating to the sentiments expressed within Inbal's lyrics). She also recommends listening to track 2 - Oceans of Expectations for this artist's vibrant yet passionate vocals vividly expressing herself in Hebrew.

Jesse Payne

For SouthSide, listening to this CD was a preview what she'll be hearing on February 9 when Jesse performs at Elbo Room. This 8-track CD features a unique vocal as well as music style but it's Jesse's voice that is the main focus throughout Nesting. At one point, he projects heartfelt emotions and vibrant warmth under a calming alternative rock sound (track 1 - Manhattan Project) while in track 3 - Yards of Paint, Jesse wows the ears with strong vocal power behind the melodic sounds of natural music (very little guitar rhythms and percussions) but in track 5 - Wes Anderson, the semi-acoustic song compliments Jesse's storytelling lyrical style. The music also deserves special attention for the way a downtempo rhythm could still have burst of energy as heard in track 2 - Scripting Carolina meanwhile in track 4 - Conversations (SouthSide's favorite song) had a fresh airy-feel amongs the perfect amount of guitar sound ...any more or less would haver ruined the tone of the song.

Powder Keg
Riley Etheridge Jr

This is an exclusive sneak preview of Riley Etheridge's upcoming release of his new album, Powder Keg, just for you, blogspot readers. Due out in March 2011, this CD vividly bursts with an actual powder keg of rockin' alternative music coupled by other genres such as Country to Blues and Funk/Soul. This reviewer had a hard time picking which song(s) to spotlight for this review because each song had its own unique music vibe and rhythm different from the other. For example, listen to track 2 - Scene of the Crime which rocked the ears with an ultra cool yet smokin' hot alternative/Blues sound and an energetic horn section that adds the right amount of fire during the song. Meanwhile in track 4 - Pilgrim's Dream had a soothing semi-acoustic sound for this downtempo Country ballad that vividly spotlights Riley's heartfelt vocals. However in track 5 - Look at the State We're In, there's a vibrant soulful sound full of R&B/Funk rhythms off the guitars and horn section while in track 6 - Northeast Texas Women had some Western sound within the folk/Americana tone. SouthSide feels the jewel of this 10-track album is Track 9 - Cadillac for its heartfelt sound under a soft piano with acoustic guitar and violin to match Riley's vocal style. Riley Etheridge Jr. will be in town on February 17 to perform a set at Uncommon Ground

Until next time, support your local scene,

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