Tuesday, February 8, 2011

07 Feb 11 - CD review

Hey, blogspot readers, two more CDs to keep you ears warms with hot music recommended for listening by SouthSide.


Hey, hardcore metalheads, ready for some "in your face" blast of rock music? Then, check out this 2-song sampler by local rockers, Genus, that featured deep, raw falsetto vocals (some screamo to wail into your ears) full of angst and frustration and shredding metal riffs off the guitars. SouthSide found herself rockin' to the epic instrumental arias during Emanate From The Core; meanwhile In Hate's Stead had heart-pounding percussion rhythm between the twitterpating riffs. Yet the vocals alone will strike fear as Ryan (front man) vents heated angst throughout both songs but more so during In Hate's Stead. Also during this song, watch out for sudden changes that will this song into new metal-tastic dimensions before ending with harsh screamo.

Social Focus

Moving towards the other end of the music spectrum, this reviewer enjoyed the energetic sound of electro/power pop by local rockers, Social Focus. This 3-song sampler featured vibrant vocal harmonies, digital wizardry off the guitars (and keyboards) and music that can have a mellow tone yet remain energetic. SouthSide enjoyed the ultra cool song, Merry-Go-Down in which a touch reminiscent of Beatles' Because for the vocal harmonies. Songs, Dreamcatcher and Note To Self, rocked the ears with a lively combination of alternative/pop music especially during the ballad - Note To Self. This song and its mellow tone highlighted the heartfelt vocals while projecting vivid imagery off the lyrics. Quite trippy and psychedelic at the instrumental bridge but watch out for the guitars bringing a bang of energy. SouthSide will have a chance to check out this band on March 16 at Double Doors along with her good friends, Violet Winter.

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