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28 Dec 10

" matter what they tell ya, we're here for fame and fortune..."

Hey, blogspot readers, time to say "good bye" to 2010! But first, SouthSide's spending the last remaining days of her busy calendar checking out what's happening in the local scene. Tonight at Double Door, she's rockin' with Skinwalker at their festive CD Release Holiday Bash. This party also featured hot industrial/metal performances by Illusions Fate, Aeth3r and Fashion Bomb headlining the lineup. Despite enjoying the metal-tastic cover of Wicked Games (ultra hot and seductive within a metal sound), SouthSide felt something was sorely missing from Aeth3r's performance. Not saying she didn't like the band or its music ...she simply couldn't quite "feel" them throughout the set. Unable to put her finger on what was needed, she does suggest working on backing vocal harmonies (which were a little off and sounded like muffled voices over the microphone during Wicked Games). Still there was plenty of head-banging rock and thundering guitar chords as well as powerful falsetto vocals by Aether3r's front man, Chris. For more information about Aeth3r, visit or on

Two months ago, Illusions Fate rocked the Double Door stage with one of their best shows ever reviewed. However that performance didn't rank up there after witnessing tonight's Illusion's set. With a new band lineup (bassist and drummer both on backing vocals), SouthSide wholeheartedly believed this band has finally found its rockin' niche and zeal. The new members not only matched Joel's (front man of the band) vigorous stamina heard within the hardcore industrial sound but also as backing vocalists. She liked how they brought fresh energy to the Illusions's stage presence without diminishing anything from the band's originality. The rip-roaring riffs that excite and thrill were still there but with more umph and power inside the rhythms. This also brought out more dynamic metal sound during the instrumental bridges. While performing Dying Anthem (SouthSide's favorite song) and Numbers, Joel emitted more emotional angst into the lyrics adding depth and feeling into each word. This Illusions Fate set certainly left this reviewer anticipating what this trip has planned for 2011. They will be rockin' the stage again on Feb 1st at Double Door with Bleed For The Fallen and Tryst - the show is FREE. Visit for more details.

Head-banging metal rock that literally peels the flesh off your bones while blasting the ears at the same time - twas the best way to describe Skinwalker's CD release performance, blogspot readers. This band played hard which you could easily as well as instantly hear from the trio of guitars riffs wafting vibrantly amongst the crowded venue. The quintet of musicians had heads bobbing to the thundering beats that started a mini mosh riot. In a nutshell, Skinwalker came ready to rock out Double Door the moment they hit the stage. SouthSide enjoyed the loud thunderous bursts of energy this band produced rockin' the ears with dazzling chord effects. This momentous vibe was quite contagious with nonstop hardcore metal rock yet behind this awesome music, there was charismatic stage presence and deep raspy vocals full of angst by Taran (Skinwalker's front man). Even while slowing the tempo and energy for a ballad-like song, his deep falsettos-screamo combination truly highlighted the emotional pain within the words which also had this reviewer shivering in her seat. SouthSide highly recommends rockin' your 2011 with this metal-thrash shaking band at its next respective show. Visit or

Closing out tonight's rockin' lineup was the ominous thundering percussion beats of Fashion Bomb's heart pounding intro which immediately led into the song, Press Delete. SouthSide found herself totally immersed into the blood-curdling metal/screamo sound of this band ...and she instantly liked it. She even liked Fashion more when the band performed two unplugged versions of Mold and Exsanguinate. It was definitely the highlight of the show that truly defined them as a metal band along with the demonstrating the vocal power by Val (Fashion's front man). SouthSide enjoyed hearing the emotional angst and pain being poured out of his voice into each word. The fiery acoustic accompaniment (provied by Acid) matched his vocal tone note for note especially during Exsanguinate which had a spicy Flamenco guitar sound woven inside the instrumental. Yet what this reviewer didn't enjoy about Fashion Bomb's show was the wild moshing that nearly injured her. Don't worry, blogspot readers, she's not holding that against the band and/or any of it's hardcore fans. Fashion's bouts of explosive energetic vibe from its music certainly had a profound effect on fans to do more than bang the head. SouthSide suggests listening to Veil Of Megiddo (wicked licks with complex religious overtones and thoughts of armageddon), Meek (fans can expect a video for this song coming soon), and Tech Sing (metal-tastic head-banging blast of rock in the ears). Fashion Bomb will kick off their 2011 with a tour and will rock the stage at Reggie's on Feb 20. They will be sharing the stage with good friends Sinister Fate and Sirens In Vein ...advanced tickets for this 17+ show are $10. Visit or for tour details and more.

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