Friday, December 10, 2010

09 Dec 10

"...that's it merch but the boys are for sale..."

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide found some good apples especially for you. Not to eat but to rock your ears! Tonight, she's backed at Elbo Room to see local group, Good Apples, rockin' the stage with an unique blend of alternative/psychedelic/retro rock sound. Yet after watching their performance, this reviewer discovered it's not truly fair to box these Apples into any particular genre or two. Here's why.

After a lively upbeat song to kick off Apples' set, the music took an unexpected twist during the second song. It had this fantastical mesh of (The Beatles) mystery train sound with a (Jefferson Airplane) white rabbit feel - very dark and moody ...quite creepy as well as hauntingly trippy. Add the wild lighting effects (which played a major role during Apples' performance), the audience was falling deeper into Underland of a steady guitar/bass riff leaving probably if not most in a deep inside a space high. Whew - the crashing end brought everyone back to reality ...somewhat. Still that's merely a taste of what was experienced and heard from Good Apples. They certainly kept this reviewer on the edge of her seat (and toes) throughout not knowing what little surprises will happen next. For example, in another particular song, SouthSide was blown away by the wicked hardcore thumping chord while in another there was a profound sense of poetry laced inside the lyrics - very deep and thought provoking. Metal chords abound during the rockin' Metal Man before moving into a metal-psychedelic crossover with punk rock in the next.

As Good Apples closed their Elbo Room set, SouthSide had thoroughly enjoyed her trip into this band's eccentric rock sound. There's no real classification that could perfectly describe this group's unique and particular musical tastes. They simply rocked out the Lakeview venue with a bit of everything and still had enough room for more, blogspot readers. Good Apples is the type of band with a sound you have to hear preferrably live (with the amazing lighting effects). Visit for more information.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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