Tuesday, December 21, 2010

20 Dec 10 - CD Review

Happy Holidays, blogspot readers!

Still looking for some last minute ideas as stocking stuffers? Check out the following CDs highly recommended by SouthSide.


SouthSide found this CD laying around ER waiting for her snag it before someone else did. And she's quite happy that she did! November's Sugarfree CD bursted onto SouthSide's speakers with a vibrant combination of guitar rock/electronic pop groove. She even didn't mind hearing a little hardcore screamo as heard during the title track - Sugarfree (it certainly popped with plenty of energy off the wicked electric solo during the instrumental bridge). This CD consisted of catchy riffs/chords, harmonzing vocals (this reviewer recommends listening to tracks 1 - Plain View, 5 - Coma and 7 - Imagination) and lots of unforgettable lyrics which immediately had SouthSide singing along (especially during opening track Plain View ...plus it's her favorite). She also suggests taking a wild ride on November's Rollercoaster (track 9) - hang on tight while this band zips with fast tempo on the verses before the twists, turns and loops of the chorus. It's a whirlwind ride of spiral rockin' sound ...what a rush, blogspot readers. If you live in the Nashville area, SouthSide highly suggests seeing November perform on stage at their next show.

Division and Distance
Ready The Destroyer

This local duo, Ready The Destroyer, can rock any stage like a full 4 or 5-piece rock band with its loud guitar sound. Now they took that same vibe and placed it on a 7-track CD titled Division and Distance. SouthSide enjoyed RTD's rockin' cross of hardcore/pop-alternative music ...plenty of energy heard in each song throughout this CD with wicked crescendos off the guitars and smokin' hot drum rhythms. What she liked most about RTD's album was the personal yet heartfelt emotions put into the lyrics. At times, they read like sound words of advice (track 1 - Chance and track 2 - Boats & Bridges) meanwhile in other songs, this reviewer was reading pages out of Neill's (front man on guitar/bass and vocals) journal entries (track 4 - Disconnected and track 6 - Perfect Blues). One can clearly hear the frustration and/or anger emitted via the words from Neill's voice without having their ears drowned in hardcore screamo. Ready The Destroyer will be rockin' the stage at Double Door this Wednesday (Dec 22) as part of Window Licker's Holiday Show featuring Paragon, Without A Breath and Bruiser - it's a FREE event.

The Volcano Diary

SouthSide wishes to thank her good friend, August Forte, for another fine suggestion. And now she highly recommends blogspot readers checking out the melodic pop rock Seattle's own The Volcano Diary and its self-titled CD. This reviewer enjoyed the docile songtress vocal styling by Alicia sweetly heard through the speakers which immediately caught this reviewer's attention during track 1 - Revival. This artist totally captured the mood and essence of the lyrics behind the soothing lull of the guitars and rhythmic beats playing. Yes, you can say SouthSide was thoroughly impressed from what she heard thus far. Moving right along to a mix of upbeat tempos to semi-acoustic/alternative and ballads, this reviewer found herself having a difficult time choosing which song or songs to spotlight for this review. All 9 tracks were quite noteworthy keeping SouthSide's head rockin' to the mellow yet at times meditative sound by Volcano (especially during track 4 - Pacifica). She does recommend immersing the ears into the dynamic but powerful presentation of Alicia's vocals in track 5 - Cloud Cover. Hopefully, sometime in 2011, SouthSide will have the extreme opportunity in reviewing a live performance by The Volcano Diary.

As added bonus especially just for you, blogspot readers - this is a special holiday gift to you from the fine people of Grape Juice Records. And guess what, it's FREE! SouthSide suggests checking out the 2nd Annual Family & Friends compliation which showcases music from all the bands GJ has worked with over the year. Some of the artist have included good friends Jon Drakes & The Shakes, The Shams Band and The MPLS Henrys as well as Julie Meckler, Musikanto and Rambos - just to name a few. Remember the compliation is FREE and can be found here: - http://www.grapejuice.bandcamp.com/album/friends-family-ii.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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