Monday, December 27, 2010

22 Dec 10

"...Santa, if you're listening, I've been naughty..."
Sonic Pistol

Twas two days before Christmas and the local scene was totally buzzin' with sweet rockin' sounds of music. At the annual Window Licker Holiday Bash, the seasonal spirit was alive and in full swing inside the Double Door. Fans were groovin' to tonight's featured performances of hardcore twittering guitar riffs by Bruiser, Sonic Pistol, Ready The Destroyer and Without A Breath. There was also more partying to be had when Paragon and its unique reggae vibe took the stage by storm. SouthSide highly recommends checking out the fantastic island/rock groove that headlined Window Licker's festive show. This reviewer enjoyed the band's explosive sound, energetic rhythms and dynamic vocals. Blogspot readers can expect a full review on Paragon sometime in 2011. Meanwhile visit or for more information and rockin' music.

The holiday show opened with a rockin' BANG by Bruiser's razor sharp guitar sound. Front man Dan (who also produced the new Carta Marina album) pumped the ears with lyrics full of frustration and anger. If one listen closely, they would hear the thoughts and minds of this generation speaking through Bruiser's music. Performing with a new guitarist, there was more head-banging rock and wicked riffs laced deeply inside the instrumentals. SouthSide gives the new addition to Bruiser a few more shows and he'll be rockin' as hard as the other members. This was certainly a wonderful present to unwrap early, blogspot readers, seeing this local band back on stage again. Looking forward to more shows by this lively group of rock musicians. This reviewer highly recommends checking out Bruiser and its explosive yet moody hardcore sound in 2011. Visit for more information.

Next was the blood-curdling, kick arse rock vibe of Sonic Pistol on stage. What SouthSide liked about this band was the charismatic and expressive body movement by front man Kurt. His type of stage showmanship created such emotional sentiment on the lyrics ...and though his screamo may not be gut-busting to the ears, it's quite effective especially during Load. Performing others including 9 Miles To Empty (SouthSide's favorite due to Kurt's dynamic vocal power in each word) and ballads, Redline and Disappear, Sonic rocked the Double Door stage (also with a new guitarist) with one of their best shows ever reviewed. There was more umph and electric power heard within this band's rock sound. Blogspot readers are encouraged to check out Sonic Pistol in 2011 by visiting for more information.

Already working on a follow-up CD to current one, Division and Distance (read the album review in the 20 Dec 10 - CD Review blog), Ready The Destroyer gave the Double Door audience one heck of a mind-blowing experience of sight and sound. This local duo packed a powerful punch of rock music which was accompanied by a projection of random images running in sync with each song. SouthSide found herself drawn deeper into Ready's lyrics within songs like Perfect Blues and Disconnected (SouthSide's favorite) from the use of projected pictures. Plus the band's eclectic rock sound highligted the emotional and depth heard from Neill (front man on guitar) while on vocals. Hearing as well as seeing both picture and music gave this reviewer a clearer understanding ...more thought provoking vibe than simply listening to the songs off the CD. As she mentioned earlier - it was a mind-blowing experience and suggests that blogspot readers check out Ready The Destroyer in 2011. Visit or for more information.

Without A Breath continued with tonight's central theme yet featured some explosive vocal power by Seth (front man on guitar) besides music. What set this band apart from the others was the emotionally charged voice heard in songs like Won't Be Long and Wake Me Up. It contained plenty of rock falsettos while he poured a lot of himself into the words can literally hear the frustration behind Without's rockin' hardcore guitar riffs. Even during The Last One (dedicated to Window Licker's expectant dad, Chris Parker), SouthSide thoroughly enjoyed the vibrant yet heartfelt energy given to this ballad. Meanwhile new single, Wake Up The Dead (off upcoming album to be released at the end of January) rocked the stage with a dark, haunting tone found inside Without's guitar riffs though this reviewer suggests more mic for the bassist's backing vocals (couldn't be heard above the music). It's highly recommended that blogspot readers check out Without A Breath in 2011 by visiting or

Until next time, support your local scene,

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