Wednesday, August 25, 2010

22 Aug 10

Hey, blogspot readers, it's another fun Sunday night at the Elbo Room! SouthSide's rockin' the famous Lakeview venue for some music by Maddog Madden. This reviewer recommends checking out the eclectic alternative music by Sil Harvey. Visit for more information and music.

Who is Maddog Madden? Good question, blogspot readers. Well, she discovered they're not the rabid dog of rock music. Hardly, they're one totally fast and furious band of hardcore metal sound especially while performing Rocket Ship. Yet SouthSide expected more of a rockin' stage presence to compliment Maddog's head/hair banging rock music. She wholeheartedly advises that the guitarists loosen up more ...take notice of the drummer behind them who was truly rockin' to the vibe felt from their songs. It was a wondrous vibe floating from the thundering roar of the riffs and chords.

Still Maddog did rock the stage with songs like Happy Pills (what's a rock band without at least one cool song about drugs that keep people "happy"?), Louder (yes, man, crank this song up on the electric and bass ...lots of amplified guitar rock for your ears), and Rock Rock Rock (so good that they had to sing it three times). SouthSide does suggest to the band that they let the music ride during the instrumentals. She noticed they didn't give their audience enough time to soak deeply into their metal groove. For example, in Slaying The Gremlins, there were plenty of loud tumbling riffs and chord changes in which Maddog righteously jammed until the end. Or check out their Flight Of The Navigator - an awesome metal song that SouthSide highly suggests listening to get better acquainted with this band's sound. Or better yet listen to the epic-sounding ballad appropriately titled Dragons - plenty of guitar metal/rock to excite the blood as well as bang your head to the music. Though the finish was slightly rough around the edges, Maddog absolutely rocked out their headlining set at the Elbo Room.

Overall, blogspot readers, SouthSide highly suggests giving this "young" (newly formed eight months ago) rock band a try at their next performance. Maddog Madden, in her opinion, has the potential into becoming a rockin' metal band making noise in the local scene. For more information, visit

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