Wednesday, August 11, 2010

09 Aug 10

Hey, blogspot readers, it's back to business as usual after a long Lolla-music/party weekend! SouthSide's latest on the town adventure took her back to the Elbo Room. She was very eager to meet and hear the group from Boston, MA - The Grownup Noise.

Performing a few songs off their shall we? EP, this reviewer was highly amazed how Grownup's music sounded so much like the recorded version. Yet there was a slight difference. Despite not having the subtle sounds of the cello (by Katie) with them tonight, they were still able to pull off a lively performance of alternative/pop music with a touch of the Americana/folk feel. However, blogspot readers, it's not really fair to box this band as SouthSide did. Basically, it's damn good, feel happy dancing type of music in which she highly recommends listening to this summer.

What makes Grownup's music so damn good? There are bursts of unexpected energy at the most randomest of moments within its use of poetic/image-filled storytelling style of lyrics. This unique combination flowed beautifully together as the words vividly popped to life by Paul's (on guitar/keyboard) vocals. He had a way of projecting pictures inside your head while enjoying the lively feel of the toe-tappin' music. And that's another thing what SouthSide liked about this band. It (the music) constantly changed from one extreme to the next ...sometimes within the same song. There could be moments which a particular song (i.e. Artist Type) would have a rock sound and then POW from out of nowhere comes this alternative tempo to keep the song's rhythm at a steady beat.

This reviewer highly suggests listening to the mad crazy tune titled The Same in which it wonderfully reflected the hectic madness of many notes/chords jumbled together running all over the place. Yes, it was music gone wild, blogspot readers! But that's also a good thing ...not bad since it was a prime example of grownup noise performed by The Grownup Noise. Another song suggested is Vampire Love Song (not for those Twihard fans ...sorry this was written WAY before that craze became sort of fashionable, according to Grownup)for its retro rock feel combined with a bluegrass tone (off the steel pedal). This song definitely had a funky vamp-like vibe going on. Also check out Grownup's The Oldest Running Feature - a tender yet emotional love ballad that one can hear the poetry tucked inside the lyrics. It was very moving ...personal and heartfelt though this reviewer feels the keys and steel pedal should have been turned down to highlight Paul's voice to give the calming gentleness the song deserved.

Off the shall we? EP, Grownup performed live versions of Strawmen (track 1) Six Foot Solemn Oath (track 3), Artist Type (track 2) and Outside (track 4) which closed out their Elbo Room performance with a rockin' BANG! This rockin' group are currently on their summer tour - SouthSide says - check them out before heading back to school! For more information and tour dates, visit or Also snag a copy of their shall we? EP - it's a worthy addition to your collection.

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