Tuesday, August 24, 2010

21 Aug 10

Hey, blogspot readers, it's a rare Saturday afternoon adventure at Reggie's Music Joint. SouthSide's rockin' the Southside venue to check out another fine acoustic performance by good friend (and Double Door's own door guy), Don Gibson.

Don rocked the afternoon audience with songs that are emotionally "down" yet performed with lots of fire and gusto on the acoustic guitar. And still ...there were moments in which we heard the whimsical side to Don such as the opener, Dear Mr. Leevee (about one sexually active chick pretending to be a virgin). SouthSide enjoyed his unique vocal style that at times may appear he's "talking" out his lyrics to you rather than singing them behind the vibrant acoustic sound. That "talking" truly pumped out raw emotions throughout his set only because he wanted everyone to feel the same as he did when writing the song. Even the guitar chords and riffs projected the exact sentiments off this artist especially during Blood (plenty of angst/aggression not only in the voice but also in the strings).

Perhaps there's another reason why Don's songs are so "down". The lyrics behind his songs seem to tell a story yet not personal to himself but personal to everyone listening in the audience. Somewhere in any one of his songs, he could be singing about the sordid details of our relationships and love affairs as well as the mundane and obscure of everyday life. For example in Confession, SouthSide felt deep humanly sorrow in Don's vocals with a touch of lover's angst that you would almost think he could cry at any given second. Still it's not his pain that the artist's feeling but someone else during this particular song. It may have been the saddest song on Don's playlist however it was one song in which he become the most vulnerable while on stage ...exposing what's deep inside his heart and soul.

SouthSide highly suggests checking out Don Gibson at his next acoustic performance for his tales about everyone and their lives in his world. OR say "hi" to him while he's working the door at the Double Door (trust SouthSide, he's a very nice person to talk to). For more information, visit or befriend Don Gibson on Facebook.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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  1. He really IS a nice guy and we can't believe he never told us he's a singer/songwriter! I'm glad I read your post!



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