Tuesday, August 24, 2010

19 Aug 10

"...will work for music..." - Cosmos' t-shirt

Hey, blogspot readers, it's a yummy good time at the Beat Kitchen tonight! SouthSide's latest rockin' adventure had her munching on juicy burgers (with crispy tater tots) and groovin' to sultry funk/reggae music. She highly recommends browsing through the Beat Kitchen's delicious selection of eats before any show. So far this reviewer has tried their mouth-watering burgers (only five dollars on Thursdays) and spicy-cajun chicken breast sandwich. Not to worry, my veggie-loving blogspot readers, this venue does serve veggie/vegan meals too that go beyond the green salad. Also before handing your server the menu back, take notice of the classic vinyl given to you. SouthSide was rockin' to her Wild Cherry menu while selecting what to eat.

After a well-satisfying meal, it was time to rock and groove with tonight's lineup featuring a vibrant fusion of modern jazz/R&B-soul to reggae/ska. Bands Mos Scocious, Sidewalk Chalk, Vertikal and Doc's Delorean celebrated along with Akasha during their record release of how they move CD. SouthSide recommends checking out the smooth modern jazz/liquid soul sounds of Vertikal which featured some lyrical hiphop by MC Illegit. She enjoyed their updated version on the classic song, God Bless the Child as well as its other songs in which the music continuously popped with life. Also this reviewer recommends checking out the sexy funk/soul rhythm of Doc's Delorean which had a poppin' vibe throughout the set. The audience rocked to the eclectic fusion during Doc's Theme and their take on the classic 70s male song by The Spencer Davis Group - I'm A Man literally blew the rook off the Beat Kitchen. Also this group closed with another rockin' take which mixed a classic Nirvana song with Al Green's Love and Happiness.

Opening with awesome harmonizing vocals on Could U Be Loved theme, this packed venue was ready to feel the island vibe of Akasha. This local reggae/ska band had everyone rockin' and groovin' to their funky sound during this party celebration of their new CD - how they move. Yet there was more to this band's lively reggae music, blogspot readers. At one point, SouthSide heard a sultry yet unique mix of salsa with their reggae/ska that kept this crowd in a happy mood until the next song. This venue was jumpin' nonstop due to Akasha's vibe and momentum heard within its music. It was amazing to this reviewer watching how this band "infected" the fans and listeners into dancing to its contagious music. And it was very contagious ...even this reviewer was dancing along with the happy people. Performing songs such as Joy Song, One Man Rises, and When This World, Akasha's lyrics offered its listeners hope, peace, love and happiness as well as "preaching" a message about society/politics today. Think of the spirit of Bob Marley vividly speaking through Cosmos (the voice of Akasha) as he uses expressive body language to beautifully convey the lyrics throughout the performance. Even during the Could U Be Loved, U Got Me and many others, this reviewer was definitely feeling the spirit floating in this venue. It's highly suggested checking out the vibin' island groove, mon, by Akasha at their next performance. For more information, visit www.akashaband.com or www.myspace.com/akashamyspace.

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