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29 May 17 - Mura

“…if we play any more, it would be Bile songs…” ~ Mura
“…what?! Go home…” ~ Mura

Hey, blogspot readers, guess who’s back? It’s SouthSide! And after a long hiatus away from spending her nights in endless adventures roaming around the local scene, she’s back checking out what’s happening and meeting new bands and fans. Oh yeah …she’s back to snacking on black licorice too with her friend, DJ Peter Propaganda!

Since it was a holiday, toady’s adventure took her to Irving Park neighborhood for Krztoff Bile’s BBQ and Nightmare Before Krztoff show featuring free hot dogs and Aviatrix On Fire opening with Peter Propaganda spinning everyone’s favorites before, in between and after the show. His unique collection of tunes ranging from rarely heard, B-sides and remixes of Goth to Industrial to Glitch Mob robotic sounds definitely put this afternoon/early evening bar patrons in the mood for tonight’s show. Ah, yes, Propaganda had us rockin’ to Rammstein …My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult and some smooth RB-mixed modern ambient groove by Underworld and so much more filled Live Wire just before being mesmerized by the haunting synpop performance of Aviatrix On Fire.

 Described as having “…a self-assured air of melancholy …smoky vocals …and solid resilient rhythms…” according to their Facebook page, this reviewer would like to add one more description – intensely haunting. It’s been a while since SouthSide was mesmerized by a electronic duo that sent spine-tingling chills down her music ears. Aviatrix On Fire did just that and more, blogspot readers. With the combination of Jax on vocals and dynamic stage presence and Joe on the dark, moody atmospheric rhythms, this local duo rocked the stage despite not having a darker lighting and smoke effect to truly highlight their opening performance. Yet, blogspot readers, that’s simply one or two minor things to give Aviatrix the vibe required for the audience to enjoy. Still, SouthSide had a fun time feeling the pain and heartache on the lyrics while under the melancholy tune. The music alone had a way to give the ears shivers but also a heart-pounding surprise especially during the concluding song which featured an upbeat dance sound. It was great knowing Aviatrix can diversify its sound though retaining that same intensity felt at the start of their set. SouthSide highly recommends checking out Aviatrix On Fire live when they share the stage with Mr. Kitty and The Rain Within at Burlington Bar on June 24th. Can’t make the show, then check them out on Facebook or

Was it a “Nightmare Before Krztoff” or  “beautifully disheveled” aka Mura headlining the stage at Live Wire? Or was it a little of both from this duo? Read on to find out how this touring duo blew the stage with its fast-paced synpop performance, blogspot readers. One thing this reviewer will admit is there’s something quite unique about a band finding itself amidst a sudden re-organization …after many bottles of hot Sake. Seriously, Krztoff and Brendin as Mura certainly gave what this audience wanted Monday night – a show that featured a whole lot of sex appeal, energy and hardcore synpop. You could also say it was beautifully disheveled since this duo continuously surprised the ears from one minute to the next. And that’s what SouthSide enjoyed the most. It didn’t really matter where they would take her musically but what truly mattered was how intense each song projected with Brendin’s fierce combination of industrial/synpop and Krztoff’s raw vocals and commanding stage presence. It was a wicked twist down the rabbit hole with these guys to which one minute the audience was shocked with hardcore sound and the next, a lively dance beat …then there were moments when they combined to two and WOW …did it ever pack a solid punch, blogspot readers. Each heart-stopping synpop beat did help accentuate and sell Krztoff’s sex appeal as he struts …gyrates and more with microphone in hand and some smoke effect surrounding him. Yes, wither, ladies, it does get very hot in the venue throughout this Mura performance. However, the set didn’t simply end just there, blogspot readers. Turn the stage lights down a little more and add more smoke to the stage …intensify the music and up the energy volume to 11 with a bit a screamo in the vocal, soon it was an impromptu Bile show. After this Chicago show, who knows what beautifully disheveled performance Mura will do next for their fans, blogspot readers. Oh btw, Mura – “Nightmare Before Krztoff” was a very bad band idea …just saying. If you’re looking for something raw with lots of raw sex appeal and music to match that sets the stage ablaze amidst the smoky lights, then SouthSide highly recommends seeing her friends Brendin and Krztoff better known as Mura a their next show. The song lineup may change from show to show since they’re constantly writing new material while on the road. See them in Milwaukee this weekend when performing at Sanctuary Festival featuring former keyboard player of Ministry Darrell James! You can find Mura on their Facebook page.

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