Monday, June 12, 2017

03 Jun 17 - V Is For Villains

“..I’m an asshole?! I’m Mr. Agitator…”

Good evening.
We interrupt this regularly scheduled SouthSide On The Town blog entry for a very important message direct from Villains secret Chicago underground lair. Now, here is Eva Trixx, V Is For Villains official villain representative from the Department of Misinformation and Propaganda with tonight’s report…

Members of the Children of the Night around the world, this is Eva Trixx, the official villain representative for the Department of Misinformation and Propaganda – the official V Is For Villains news agency. This department, when deemed necessary, will report the local sightings of our fearless leader, Mr. Agitator, and his villainous sidekicks – Fallon Flynn, Vixen Voodoo and Lady Delirium …also known as V Is For Villains. Recently, this villainous horde were spotted in their finest costumes at Bottom Lounge in support of Tanzen;s album release show along with Contra, Sky Machine and Polarities. Yes, Children, it was glorious seeing our Villains leaders grace another venue’s stage hellbent to do one thing – rock another awesome exciting show. Besides secretly imposing world domination with their music influences (like Nine Inch Nails, Prodigy and Depeche Mode) backing this group, they certainly once again wowed the new Villains recruits as well as longtime Children of the Night members like Eva Trixx.

Of course, we at the Department of Misinformation and Propaganda wouldn’t expect anything less from this world renown, animie-con steampunk music group. V Is For Villains have traveled near and far spreading the message of stteampunk villainy, murder in the name of art and so much more while always performing a hot, intense villainous show. SO HOT that our fearless leader took the stage ripping his pants. And you know what that means – time for another steamy Mr. Agitator strip tease set within the Villains show. Oh my, there goes the infamous red tie tossed into the screaming crowd …off goes his signature top hat …long black coat …you get the general idea. However, it doesn’t compare to the first famous Mr. Agitator strip tease record at Fizz Bar, Children, when our leader stripped down to his black shorts! Ah, glorious times, if you weren’t there to witness it. Performing songs like Broken Doll, Everybody Hates Me, Evolve or Die and the fan favorite – Nine Inch Nails’ Closer, V Is For Villains rocked the stage amidst the bright sequenced lighting and smoky fog effect …rhythmic keyboard action and thrilling electric melody. It was clearly evident tonight’s motive was to “murder” us with their music villainy.

Not being one bit bias about our Villains and their shows, Children, however, after reporting on them since their early incarnation as Digital Mindy, each V Is For Villains show changes constantly whether its song lineup and or band member participant such as Nyghtshade on guitars with Fallon.  Each show performed is never the same yet always retaining the same high-powered energy, excitement and fun for all. We at the Department of Misinformation and Propaganda advise you take our word and attend the next V Is For Villains show or animie-con appearance near you. It would be treasonous if you don’t.

This concludes tonight’s special V Is For Villains message …now returning you to your regularly scheduled SouthSide On The Town blog entry...

Until next time, support your local Villains scene,
Eva Trixx
Department of Misinformation and Propaganda

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