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26 Feb 17 - Get Out (2017)

Get Out

A whack movie title but a bare-knuckle type of psycho-thriller written and directed by Jordan Peele. If "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" had this much stereotypical racial tension and innuendos packed into a near 2hr run-time, Sydney Portier wouldn't have that peaceful resolve at the end. However Get Out isn't that kind of movie. There are some racial jokes and stereotypes addressed within the movie as well as deep mind-bending hypnosis in which had this reviewer clawing at the armrest of her theatre seat and freakish psycho-horror that totally jumps at you towards the end.
This movie is about an interracial - the guy named Chris and the girl named Rose who travel to a very secluded suburb to visit her parents for the weekend. Did SouthSide mention the parents live in a very secluded backwoods suburb where everything and everyone is NOT what they seem to be. Things seem to be out of place especially since there aren't any Black people in this community except those who are employed by Rose's parents. And even they seem to be acting weird to Chris. As the movie progresses, you instantly get the sense there's a sinister motive behind everything Rose's parents say and do as well as their friends and neighbors within this secluded suburban community. Creepy isn't the word to describe what's happening throughout this movie, blogspot readers. There are plenty of OMG moments amidst some hysterical funnies that will definitely shock and awe to totally outrage you beautifully scripted within Get Out's plot line. SouthSide is willing to admit the deep hypnosis scenes did have a lasting effect on her psyche to the point she actually "feel" herself sink within her inner conscious thus losing a bit of her persona.
To say Jordan Peele wrote and directed a very good horrifying racially intense movie is a gross understatement. It's THE best movie of 2017 ...and the movie year just began. He took the common stereotypes about the "Black experience" to interracial dating twisting them around to expose everyone's deepest and darkest thoughts about one another. We all have them whether it's within our own race or towards another at one point of our life we've heard something mythical or untrue about that racial group. In SouthSide's experience, she's heard the wildest things about Black women and sex from White men who never dated a Black women before. Yet, they thought what they heard was the absolute truth. Not entirely true, blogspot readers, though SouthSide does not speak for every Black woman. However, you do understand the point she's making. Get Out despite its deeply intensifying subject matter will get you talking about the hows and whys of this movie like why people are afraid of the Black superiority and experience. It certainly gives you a lot to discuss rationally as to why there's such a division between White and Black yet it's one movie that will you having deep discussions with your White friends, etc.
A powerful yet frightening movie ...this reviewer highly recommends seeing Get Out not just once but a couple or few times.
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