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Horror scream, blogspot readers, as this musician warps the mind and soul with his horrific, terrifying eerie musical sounds within his EDM spectacle - Terrorvision! Inside the darkest of Logan Square's Concord Music Hall, no one will hear you scream when Figure lets the blood (and body parts) fly all around you amidst his heavy bass DJ music performance. Yet it wasn't just the music creating this ominous atmosphere tonight. It was the montage of horror movie clips behind Figure providing the additional spooky creepiness to scare the bejesus out of you, blogspot readers.

That, in a nutshell, blogspot readers, is a fair description of what Terrorvision is all about without giving too much away in this review. Well, SouthSide can mention one more thing - be prepared to dance all night long while listening to the haunting music and viewing the movie clips. Being amongst the spectacle of neon lighting within the dark setting and video, this popular venue was totally transformed into a dark version of Spring Awakening as the fashionable (and mostly costumed) crowd bounced, jiggled etc to Figure's dark EDM sound.

From Chucky to the classic three - Jason, Freddy, Michael to horror classics like Nosferatu and everyone and everything else in between, Figure's Terrorvision was nightmarish trip into the darkest reaches of this musician's twisted mind, blogspot readers. Take caution. It's very, very dark and scary in there. And if you have a weak heart condition, well, don't say SouthSide didn't warn you when you experience this dance scene event yourself. As frightening and terrifying as Terrorvision was, this reviewer loved it! It was like experiencing all the creeps and spookiness of Halloween one week later. 

It was amazing what Figure could do during this show. For example, while showing scenes of  lycan/werewolf transformation (think American Werewolf in London), the rhythmic beats and techno sounds were running in sync to the video clips. Like zombies? Well, so does Figure, blogspot readers, and he gave them their big moments on screen by showing every zombie movie you could think of. Hey, there's a brief (more like a "blink and miss" moment) scene of SouthSide's friend - Kyra Schon aka ghoul girl from Night of the Living Dead!

Not scared yet? Well, you will be the longer you stay within Terrorvision's horrifying realm. And according to Figure, "...there's no turning back..." This reviewer enjoyed how this musician found movie clips rarely shown on tv or found in the local video store. Scenes so disturbing with its many terrifying ways to die at the hands of demented psychopath, blogspot readers. Just remember, you're only getting a small glimpse of what's churning inside Figure's head. Peek any further we all might die from the madness that lurks within. His brainwaves are indeed supersonic ...and should not be taken lightly.

Time for SouthSide's Freddy (of Nightmare on Elm Street - the original with actor Robert Englund) moment. It was so awesome that Figure paid homage to this pop culture horror icon ...even used the iconic Freddy nursery rhyme as part of his music was quite creepy. Oh wow - he pulled out another horror classic ...The Creature from the Black Lagoon ...then it was The Munsters ...and some Beetlejuice - just for fun, blogspot readers. Totally loving the iconic Danny Elfman theme remixed. Wait, since when are Ninja Turtles scary? SouthSide guesses when they're the original movie version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sort of dancing on screen to Figure's dark music. And for the crowning touch - Dario Argento's Susperia! Besides Profondo Rosso (Deep Red also by Argento), this reviewer was backing happily within Figure's love for the horror and terror. Then it was onward to sci-fi horror scenes like Event Horizon and the Alien movie montage.

Ek's The Blob ...creeping all over the screen!

More just for fun - Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas...

Before SouthSide gives too much away, she'll stop here by recommending all horror and EDM fans to check out Figure's Terrorvision when and where he brings the screams and heavy bass madness to venue near you! For more information including tour dates, visit his Facebook page or follow him on Twitter at You can find free music tracks at

Until next time, support your local scene,

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