Saturday, November 29, 2014

28 Nov 14

"...Black lives matter ...Black lives matter..."

That was the chant at yesterday's Black Lives Matter Friday protest across from Chicago's famous Water Tower Place. Despite the crowd of hurried Black Friday shoppers ...some passing by without a glance or two unless stopping to snap or film and the windy bitter winter chill, a steadfast group of protestors joined in solidarity with those protesting in Ferguson, MO against the unfair treatment and injustice by police towards all persons of color. 

Each and every person who stood outside was there to seek justice for Michael Brown's (the young teen who was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson in August) parents and family see that it doesn't happen again to another unarmed person of color. Under the (somewhat) watchful eyes of Chicago's finest, it was a relatively peaceful demonstration in which no one was agitating or inciting a riot. There was no reason to do that. It featured various speakers loudly advocated for justice and change in police tactics. 

There was one person counter protesting the group by holding a sign saying "I love Chicago police and firemen". Please, note not once did any of the protesters said or made a claim of hating the police. They merely questioned the validity of police and its officers use of excessive force against unarmed suspects (i.e. persons wanted in questioning of a crime but not yet formally charged). It was kind of disheartening, blogspot readers, to watch people walk by showing very little interest ...shaking their heads or fists at the protesters and or commenting to themselves "...this doesn't concern me..." 

Actually it does. Injustice should concern everyone ...every man, woman and child. 

It's sad, blogspot readers, ...really that we shall never know or hear Michael Brown's account of what on that Friday afternoon August 8th...





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