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24 Oct 14 - 8th Annual Haunted Cupcake Contest

Something spooky yet very delicious happening tonight at this event, blogspot readers...

Welcome to the 8th Annual Haunted Cupcake Contest held at Esperanza Community Services, a non-profit organization which provides instruction and services to children and adults with developmental disabilities to help them become as independent as possible. Not only does this West Town center support over 250 individuals and their families, they also provide schooling for students from 5 to 21, adult day and vocational skill-building programs and so much more. For more information about Esperanza Community Services, visit

It was a friendly competition in which contestants entered 6 stand-alone deliciously decorated works of cupcake art in the Haunted/Halloween theme. SouthSide is so glad she wasn't picked as a judge, blogspot readers, because there SO many lovely decorated cupcakes that it would have been hard to choose amongst the 50 entrants the top 5 winners! All entries were judged on the following: visually haunting, funny and/or scary, originality, all elements are in pleasing proportions, selected colors to enhance or complement the subject matter, works is clean and figures must be life-like (or in the case of the competition - dead-like); and punctuality and professionalism. The last one was very important to the entrants. Points were deducted if cupcake entries arrived after the 5p deadline. And not be left out on this foodie competition, blogspot readers, even student teams of the Esperanza Community Services entered their own delicious works of art and were judged separately from the main entries.

Besides the cupcake competition, there was also a food decoration demo and food tasting of appetizers professionally prepared by Executive Chefs Will Hastert (and his Sous Chef Joe Quarello) with his take on the classic cerviche and Don Zajac who had yummy array of featured offerings such as Black Angus Sliders, Roasted and Stuffed New Potato (think Twice-Stuffed Potato) and Chorizo with Smoked Chicken Salad mini sandwiches, The sliders were the most popular appetizer of night, blogspot readers.


Before announcing the winners, blogspot readers, it was socializing time with neighbors and some of the Esperanza students as well as meeting some of the students from The French Pastry School or view one more time the decorated cupcake entries. SouthSide marveled at the intricate detailing each of the contestants had for their cupcakes. All contestants received a swag bag but only the top five (5) winners would received fabulous prizes featuring Kitchen Aid products and other things from the event's sponsors. This year's winners are: 1st Place-Takelya Weathers; 2nd Place-Mariana Jordan; 3rd Place-Clare Studwell; 4th Place-Cindy Negard; and 5th Place-Judy Trieu. 

Congratulations to all!

The next baking competition is Pastry Chicago's 4th Annual Brownie Competition to be held at Alliance Paper & Food Service Equipment  (located at 376 W North Ave., Lombard, IL) on Saturday, Nov. 8. For more information and how to register, visit Good luck!

Art lovers should check out Esperanza Community Services' next event happening Friday November 14 - Fall Arts Fest! Come meet Esperanza artists like Jorge, Bobby, Jaime and many more. Browse and purchase their works sample some of Esperanza Gourmet Fudge - a favorite holiday treat made by Amy's Candy and packaged by Esperanza participants, blogspot readers. Tickets are $10 (via the site or at door) and ticket cost will be deducted from art purchase at the event.

Here are some samples of artwork you'll see at Esperanza's Fall Art Fest:

 Cat by Veronica Sanchez

 Halloween Night by Edwin Mendez

 Go Sox by Jaime Ortega

Until next time, support your local scene,

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