Thursday, September 6, 2012

01 Sept 12

"...let's give it to the girls, they don't like being told what to do..." ~ Blane Fonda

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's rockin' her weekend around town with a stop at the legendary venue well hidden inside an industrial/manufacturing park. The Hideout Inn - a perfect name for this quaint inn-like bar and it's "guarded" location, was the place to be during the busy North Coast Fest affair to catch the dream pop/electronica sounds of Panda Riot featuring that 80s pop-inspired band Blane Fonda as headliner. And as an extra bonus guest - SouthSide caught a glimpse of the famous Burrito/Tamale guy selling his delicious food to the Hideout patrons!

This reviewer arrived in time to catch the remaining performance of Panda Riot as the band enthralled its captive audience with a tribute to REM titled REM, blogspot readers. This electronica/dream pop band has a way enticing the ears with such flowing, dreamy soundwave featuring three guitars, a simplistic drum set up (2 toms and some cymbals) and electronic sound machine (to create dream-esque pop sound). Toss in the soft yet dynamic vocals by guitarist Rebecca and you have one powerful combination which could lead to a mindblowing experience from the melodic tone of Panda's music. SouthSide enjoyed hearing (as well as feeling) the floetry while amidst the downtempo groove and aria-like voice enticing the ears during songs such as Golden Age and Forest which might have you thinking Kate Bush at time. There will be times when the music alone has the tendency of making you move along to the rhythmic vibe like during Camden where the tempo and music was the back focus so Rebecca's voice could have that spotlight focus. If you truly want to enjoy music like this, blogspot readers, SouthSide highly suggests closing your eyes and letting your ears be your guide especially when Panda's performing Black Pyramids ...thus thoroughly hearing the beauty and complexity of each note played within the melodically pleasing music and the poetic lyrics. For more information about Panda Riot, visit

Now it's time for something more eclectic as well as profoundly animalistic and obscure besides rockin', blogspot readers. Something that was totally a direct opposite of the opening band as Blane Fonda kicked off its headlining performance with a hot vibrant bang of 80s pop-inspired/alternative music to which caused the venue of The Hideout Inn to instantly swell with fans. More about their fans in a minute. What makes this band a little obscure and (sometimes) over the top (in a good way)? Well, let's start off with Blane's front man, Mark, on vocals. He must have been feeling his animal spirit tonight, blogspot readers, because he spent the majority of Blane's performance strutting and dancing around (in his little area) on stage with a wolf pelt on his head while draped with a some sort of tribal blanket or covering. SouthSide can only surmise that through these two wrappings he was able to channel that fiery spirit felt and seen during each song performed like Modern Woman or Opportunity Rocks. Yet there's also a heartfelt side to Mark and his animal spirit in which he poured out the raw emotions as a man deeply in pain especially during Fess Up, Face Down  and Salacious Love. Then while listening to Mark, be sure to check out the band behind the man, blogspot readers. You will note that each song has it's own distinct personality and music flavor ...sometimes blended to get you moving wildly to the rhythmic 80s pop vibe. There were moments when SouthSide heard a unique combination of disco/pop before quickly moving to something spicy and Latin-inspired (via off the trumpet) or 80s-inspired dance pop sound. Even though pushing the eclectic boundary with their sound, SouthSide found Blane to be on the cutting edge of not trying to imitate the 80s but creating their own sound that would fit within that era of music. And with music like this, do expect their fans to react crazily with their dancing motion. That's putting it very mildly too. Yet, all around this reviewer, there were times in which Blane's fans had that strong urge to dance and groove along with the band like they did during Modern Woman or shout their favorite curse word. This reviewer highly suggests rockin' along with Blane Fonda at their next scheduled show but in the meantime, visit for music and other wacky musings by this local band.

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