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06 Sept 12

This local band has been known to inspire, motivate, enpower as well as enlighten their fans through the use of mind-blowing, epic compositions and sound heard within the symphonic/experimental rock music, blogspot readers. Now, they're poised and ready to take that inspirational experience and more to the next level. Tonight at Angels & Kings (located inside Hard Rock Hotel), Makeshift Prodigy held a listening party to give family, friends and fans a sneak preview of their upcoming (yet to be titled) EP. This follow-up to Mathematica will feature not only an intro and outro but also five new songs in between.

And the verdict from SouthSide?

If the band's goal was to bring their music, sound and inspirational vibe to more of a "adult" level and maturity, then this reviewer says Makeshift Prodigy has accomplished it, blogspot readers, with their first EP under Atlantic Records.

Nothing has been lost or muddled within the new EP's sound. The intensity of the symphonic/experimental music still remains but if you listen closely you can tell each member in this band has grown up a little within their craft. Though missing a few things (like Brandon and his lyrical hip hop verse), the direction to incoporate more falsetto vocals and powerful bursts of energy as well as upbeat, rhythmic piano-driven (check out track 2- Bittersweet Surrender) songs is a welcomed sight. There's even a touch of hardcore guitar rock riffs as heard in track 3 - Perfect Mistake and heartfelt tenderness amidst intense crescendo rises and powerful symphonic impact as heard in track 4 - Miracle.

Opening with an attention-grabbing intro and track 1- Chasing Daylight, Makeshift Prodigy's new EP will give their fans something more than hope and inspiration but also more epic-building music and energy that might bring a tear (or two) as heard in Miracle and track 5 - A Way Out. This particular track, after feeling the swell of heartfelt emotions from front man/pianist/guitarist Anthony on lyrics, had the vibe of a Makeshift anthem in the making but not as powerful. Still it's a nice follow-up to SouthSide's favorite songs, Revolution and This Is The End combined with the way the composition and music set up (especially the momentum) highlights the motivitational spirit heard inside the lyrics.

Makeshift Prodigy will be performing the new songs live as part of their Fall 2012 tour with a Chicago performance at Cubby Bear (Wrigleyville location) on Wednesday Oct 10 featuring I AM Dynamite and Board of Governors. For more information, visit

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