Thursday, September 27, 2012

22 Sept 12 - Mods vs Rockers


Hey, blogspot readers, are you a Mod, Rocker, Hell's Angel, Sons of Anarchy or Rebel? If you are, there's a new addition along the Clark street of stores located near Belmont that you should check out. And hopefully, it will stay permanently beyond its Sept 31st date (a little joke by the owner, Larry). SouthSide spent her Saturday night being a rocker while visiting Mods vs Rockers: Urban Hooligan Gallery store. Sandwiched between The Architectural Design/The Alley shops and The Dunkin Donuts, this rockin' place is where you should go if you're looking for that vintage feel and style of being that rebel without a cause in 2012.

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This shop contains a large array of silkscreen posters and banners (all for sale) cleverly decorated around the walls of the store as well as a good stock of comics, clothing - from t-shirts featuring iconic names like Ducati, Triumph and more to leather jackets and rides like Ducati to the modernVespra GTV 300 model in which you can actually purchase in the store. There's also a cool selection of patches to add some vintage decor to your new leather jacket, blogspot readers. Yet, this new store feels more like a museum dedicated to the hooligan rocker in all of us. This reviewer saw items and brand names that either aren't produced or around anymore. Check out this awesome Lucas Brit Battery sign in which Larry, the owner of this establishment, found many years ago on eBay. In an enclosed case, view the autographed Evel Knievel lunchboox, Arai bike helmet and BSA/Triumph oil cans and much more.

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During this night of SouthSide's visit, it was a rockin' party featuring hot classic tunes funk/R&B/soul like Curtis Mayfield's Move On Up and other fine danceable selections spun on 45s (as in records) - no digital DJing here tonight, blogspot readers. And viewing on the flat screen were some trailers for biker movies like Hell's Bloody Angels, The Hellcats, Bury Me An Angel and Angel's Wild Women just to name a few.

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Mod vs Rockers is open every day from 12p to 8p or visit for more information.

Until next time, be a rebel at Mods vs Rockers,

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