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One On One with Sofia Talvik

Hej, blogspot läsare, SouthSide vill att du ska möta en singer-songwriter som beskriver sig själv som en "...lyckligt explorer av musik i världen..."

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide wants you to meet a singer/songwriter who describes herself to be a "...happy explorer of music in the world..." This reviewer recently had the extreme pleasure of chatting with Swedish female artist, Sofia Talvik before her Chicago appearances at Elbo Room and Swedish American Museum (which happens tonight at 7p. Tickets are $15 adv / $20 at door). Some may have heard of this dynamic singer/songwriter when she performed on stage at Lollapalooza in 2008 or at this year's SXSW in Austin, TX or during the the International Folk Alliance conference in Memphis, TN. Currently promoting her fifth album, The Owls Are Not What They Seem, this artist runs her own record label, Makaki Music (with her husband) in Sweden demonstrating that " don't have to be 'discovered' or signed to a major label to make it in the business..."

Sofia started off the interview by saying people should check out her music because "'s heartfelt and it sounds beautiful to me..." hoping it connects with their lives as much as it does with hers. What this reviewer enjoyed about Sofia's music (via listening to them on YouTube and her website) was that it was folk music with a melody and pop production sound unlike American folk music which has that raw or rustic feel to due to the acoustic and organic instruments used. Critics have described it as "...fresh and airy..." but this artist lovingly says it's "...a fun combination of urban pop and folk or neo-folk..." Yet one thing is for sure, blogspot readers, Sofia does bring a liveliness sound and tempo within some of her songs that has a toe-tappin' groove.  As an artist, SouthSide wondered if she preferred performing solo or with a band to which Sofia said "...both are two different things..." having two different types of performance results. Sofia enjoys performing with her backing band in Sweden that consists of four guys yet sololy, she feels a closer connection with the audience, blogspot readers. "...I'm more focus on the audience [allowing] them to be more focused on me ...I like the intimacy..." that's shared with them. It's what her performances as a solo artist - are all about - connecting with her audience. Sofia stated to SouthSide that she's a bit talkative between songs relaying the stories behind each one and it's another reason why she tends to avoid sports bars/venues as places to perform.

So which songs should one listen to by Sofia Talvik? Sofia chose three special songs which highlights the progression and evolvement of her songwriting as well as music production style. Delusional (the first track off the new album) because " represents [an] organic live sound and feeling like my debut album ...shows how real I am..." This acoustic album - vocals and guitars - were recorded in one session in one night, blogspot readers. For this artist, " was a good way to showcase your talent ...what you hear is what you get..." The next songs chosen were King Of The Willow Tree because it showcases that "...big production and world fusion sound..." and Jonestown for its heartfelt and organic live sound. SouthSide has her personal picks to add to the suggested list of songs. She highly suggests listening as well as watching the YouTube video to the emotionally heartfelt duet Sofia did with Bernard Butler (one of UK's top indie icons) titled It's Just Love (off her second album - Street of Dreams). Besides the expressiveness of the images portrayed in the video, this reviewer was moved by the vocal tone of the lyrics by both artists of the best love ballad duets ever heard. Also she suggests listening to Ghosts off her debut album Blue Moon to which she found the haunting folk sound very heartfelt and emotionally expressive not just in the lyrics but also in the way Sofia performs the music.

SouthSide is always fascinated about what the music scene is like in other places especially in a country like Sweden. So, this reviewer asked Sofia if there is one, what the local/indie scene like in Sweden. The artist stated there's a lot of Swedish bands and artists however there's not enough coffee shops or venues to showcase them. "...need more to showcase more ...[Sweden's] music scene could be more alive by [promoting] up-n-coming artists and bands..." also adding "...I wish Sweden would have more open mic..." events. SouthSide told Sofia about the many venues (for example Elbo Room and Cubby Bear) that hold open mic nights for singer/songwriters and bands to showcase their music as well as the upcoming I AM Fest which will be rockin' Chicago's House of Blues on August 25th. Sofia liked both stating "...I think people in the US are more friendly and supportive than Swedish..." because they tend to be reserved. "'s hard to reach out to people instead of people volunteering's a different culture compared to the US..." It may take a bit longer to make friends in Sweden but once you have a Swedish friend, you have one for life, blogspot readers. While in Chicago, SouthSide asked Sofia what she would like to do to which she replied "...would like to see a lot of Chicago ...the last time was in 2008 [during] Lollapalooza and I didn't see much of the town..." Hopefully, this artist is able to stay for some of the fests happening this weekend such as Jeff Fest, Fiesta Del Sol (in the Pilsen Neighborhood), Wicker Park Fest, and  Taste of Lincoln Avenue - just to name a few before the return of Lollapalooza next weekend.

And of speaking of showcases, Sofia wanted to say that she had a fun time at this year's SXSW and the International Folk Alliance Conference, blogspot readers, where she networked and met a lot of people as well as attended shows especially during SXSW. "...didn't have time to be tired was so much fun..." Sadly, like all other fun interviews with SouthSide, it was time to say goodbye but not before Sofia said this "...I hope to see all of you..." at my Chicago performances and "...if you do, come and say 'hi'.."

SouthSide will be attending her performance tonight at the Swedish American Museum in Andersonville (locatetd 5211 N. Clark) for review. For more information about Sofia Talvik, visit her at or on Facebook.

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