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01 Jul 12

Hey, blogspot readers, after ending the month of June with a groovy, rockin' bang with new friends, The Luck of Eden Hall and Max Pain & The Groovies, SouthSide was ready to begin the month of July with another hot show at Double Door. Tonight's lineup featured three CD release performances by Lindsay Weinberg, Wait, What? and The Sometimes Family with friend DJRC cranking out a vibrant selection of retro to modern soul/funk/groove music to entertain the crowd between sets as well as a full set after the show.

This reviewer had mixed feelings about the opening act, Wait, What?, blogspot readers. She did enjoy this local band's lively upbeat pop/rock sound though quite heavy on the piano/keyboard rhythms (which almost at times overshadowed the entire band ...don't know if that was Wait's intention or not). Still, she enjoyed the energy present especially during the opening song since it brought out the witty fun within its tone. Even while in a downtempo rhythm for a few songs, this band had the energy and upbeat groove and sometimes the piano rhythm would take a lesser presence in the background allowing the band to shine under the spotlight. However, the piano's contemporary pop sound did make sure its presence was felt as well as heard during the instrumental bridges. Then that's SouthSide feels Wait, What?'s performance somewhat fell apart especially attempting a contemporary/smooth jazz blend when performing the fourth song of their set. She felt out of place due the lack of the band's "happy go lucky" pop feel as heard earlier ...this particular song was moodier, serious and way too melodramatic for her taste, blogspot readers. The vocal really didn't fit well with this song's tone just as the fifth song and it's dream-like trance tone too. The front man was being too hard on his own falsetto range in trying to reach those highs thus not showing any type of voice emotion off the lyrics to pop the song to life. Here's where the piano really was too much on the ears. The rhythms drowned out the band as if Beethoven was pounding out his entire 5th Symphony in anger. This reviewer understand the piano is (somewhat) the main focal point of this local band yet, it would have been nice it allowed the other members the chance to be heard in this song. The only song she could honestly say that she liked was the Wait's extra song (i.e. encore) which featured a vibrant burst of alternative music not centering around the piano one bit. Overall, SouthSide does recommend Wait, What? for their toe-tappin', "happy go lucky" contemporary pop rock sound but is a little wary since the piano does tend to overpower as well as overshadow thus creating overdramatic tones to most of the band's songs. For more information about Wait, What?, visit

There was a soulful vibe flowing around this packed venue when headliner, The Sometimes Family, took the stage to end tonight's lineup. Despite opening with a haunting yet lively downtempo, danceable contemporary beat, this local menagrie of musicians didn't disappoint their fans (and SouthSide) with a set full of energetic fire and upbeat rhythms amidst their funky R&B/groove/soul sound. This reviewer immediately liked how this band incorporate the "old school" sound (i.e. the melodic flute) into their songs such as What Am I To Do and Death's Head into their modern version of soul music, blogspot readers. You can definitely hear their Motown influences beating vibrantly that made you want to groove along them. For instance, take the song If It's Love - Sometimes' really took their soul vibe down to a slow jam (almost to a steppers' groove and feel) allowing the sultry melody off the flute intertwine with the vocals and the poetic romanticism of the lyrics. Literally, wow, in how there was a touch of dynamic soul in Rebecca's voice that turned up the heat flowing across the stage and into the crowd while performing this jam nice and slow. Also check out Pockets and Death's Head where the cool breeze of the flute's floetry will have you groove while listening to Rebecca's chanteneuse-like voice seducing the ears on lyrics.*fans self* And that was one of few moments in which The Sometimes Family enthralled the crowd with such a sultry vibe, blogspot readers. Yet, it wasn't all about how steamy the music could get with them during the entire performance. There were moments when you were caught up within the lively spirit and rhythms of their Motown-like groove which had many "getting down with their bad selves"  to the "old school" of funk/soul rhythms and the stax guitar riffs during On & On and Just A Crush. If you really want to feel that Motown empowerment anthem flow in your veins, blogspot readers, SouthSide highly suggests tuning your ears to Stand Up. This reviewer truly enjoyed how this throwback song had reminding her of Marvin Gaye and his songs (What's Going On and  Mercy Mery Me) or The Temptations' Ball of Confusion while listening closely to the lyrics. It was definitely a millennial unique way to revolutionize the masses into standing up for what's right even the crowd didn't feel the urge  to "stand up" or "get up" along with the band. SouthSide does suggest the band adding more heated spirited when trying to get the audience to repeat "stand up" and "get up" ...maybe that will help them in feeling the lyrics and tone of this particular song. Snag a copy of The Sometimes Family latest album - Fun With Heart Break or simply check out their next live performance at a venue near you. For more information, visit

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