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30 Jun 12

Hey, blogspot readers, it's a double shot weekend! That's right, this busy reviewer will be doing "back to back" shows at Wicker Park's hip rock venue - Double Door. There she will be checking out the latest NoVo Arts Inc bands rockin' the stage on Saturday and Sunday nights. Tonight, it was cosmic wizardry off a mellotron amidst a groovilicious burst of classic psychedelic rock and gritty Southern Blues rock from west of the Mississippi River entertaining the audience at this FREE show. SouthSide highly recommends rockin' your ears (as well as attending their next performances) to Chicago's The Luck of Eden Hall and Salt Lake City's Max Pain and The Groovies!


Far out, blogspot readers! Let's glide on this groovy wave trip of psychedelia that will blow your mind away. Get hypnotized by the spinning wheel on stage while immersing the ears into the intense guitar riffs, mellotron floetry and lyrical poetry all co-mingling nicely within a vibrant yet at times peaceful harmonies. Immediately, SouthSide felt like a flower power child trippin' on daisy chains and love as she was being internally connected with Luck's central songwriting themes wonderfully laced inside their lyrics. She enjoyed the flowery prose that sparked image-filled words (ie she suggests listening to Jupiter and Queen Anne's Lace). However, there's a modern twist to this band's throwback psychedelic groove, blogspot readers. The band's music does contain a strong but electrifying rock background for you to band your head to.


Still when the mellotron takes center stage on the melodic harmonies to balance out the raw edginess - watch out! That's when you will totally feel the groovilicious pyschedelic rhythms and floetry all at once. Toss in Double Door's far out lighting fx and you instantly felt you're part of the hip scene from the late 60s/early 70s, blogspot readers. There's even a cowbell (gotta love the cowbell sound in any song) to add some organic percussion rhythm. It was one wild space trip! This reviewer, in all honesty, had never experienced a show like this in a long time ...not even expecting Luck to rock the stage like they did after previewing their music online. She suggests tasting the waters with Chrysalide before Using All The Colors to make A Drop In The Ocean and then ending with Luck's Velvet and Corduroy. You can find Luck of Eden Hall on Facebook and Reverbnation, blogspot readers.

MP&tG 4
Crashing hard from her psychedelic ride on Luck of Eden Hall's mothership, this reviewer soon found herself groovin' again but this time to the gritty guitar riffs of Utah's version of Southern Blues rock by Max Pain and The Groovies. Currently on tour - partying their way across America (you should have heard about their wild night in Iowa City, IA), this traveling band of rockers burst onto the Double Door stage with an explosive bang of rock and gyrating dance moves which immediately caught the audience's attention. They're definitely a wild bunch from the westside of the mighty Mississippi (River) igniting the ears (and souls) with such music fury and dazzling delights that front man Max broke his tambourine to pieces! And believe it or not, this was the band's first visit to the Windy City yet you wouldn't have known it by the way they were performing, blogspot readers. They wasted no time in getting down to the business of rockin' out Chicago under an electrifying high energy sound and momentum off three guitars for that gritty stamina amidst thunderous percussion rhythms.

MP&tG 9

Also this reviewer enjoyed Max's raw falsetto which added a touch of that rusty Blues vocal tone to each of The Groovies' songs. It was a powerful combination felt as well as heard in tunes like Raw Dog, Put Away and Off The Wall. Even  while taking the infectious energy down a notch to focus on his vocal style, there was still enough fire and grit to keep things rather hot and steamy ...and SouthSide isn't talking about the rising humidity and temperature happening outside either, blogspot readers. Max and the band certainly created their own heat to have this reviewer drenched within their rockin' hotness for this particular quick song. Watching Max literally melt the microphone with not only his voice but also his charimatic charm and stage presence was enough to set off the sprinklers inside the venue. Hot twitterpating riffs to seduce any modest virgin's soul to the gritty sound of southern rock that will set ablaze your head banging ways - this band from Utah is the one to see this summer. *fans self* Whoa ...that was a hot set! Look for Max Pain and The Groovies on Facebook, blogspot readers.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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