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27 July 17 - Annabelle Creation

****This review contains NO spoilers****

Blogspot readers, answer this question ...if you dare...

How does an innocent object become a destructive possessed conduit for evil?

Well, that answer could be found in the latest Annabelle movie series coming out soon on August 11th in a cinemaplex near you. Annabelle Creation doesn't pick up where the first one ends but it explains how Annabelle became the creepy doll that's still locked away ...behind a case at Ed and Lorraine Warren's home. If you haven't seen the first Annabelle movie, that's okay but you may not understand the horrific ending to this new movie, blogspot readers. SouthSide shall briefly recap the first one for you.

After Annabelle Higgins and her boyfriend viciously and brutally murder her adoptive parents, this creepy doll is given to a pregnant mom to which creepy things begin to happen not just to this couple but other couples who come in contact with it. Enter the Warrens who investigate this possessed doll and the rest is history as someone would say. Now, Annabelle Creation gives you the backstory to how this doll became to be a conduit to evil. Briefly without giving too much away, a toymaker (Anthony LaPaglia) and his wife (Miranda Otto) tragically lose their young daughter to a deadly hit and run accident. It would take several years later for this couple to open their home as an orphanage to young girls yet there's something creepy about the couple and second floor that has couple of the girls spooked about their new home. Things do go bump in the night ...mysterious bell ringing from the first floor bedroom ...a locked room still preserved in time as if its waiting for the original occupant to return and life size doll secretly locked away inside that room amongst torn pages from the Bible. More terrifying creepiness and scares begin to unfold when one of the girls makes "contact" with the evil spirit housed within the Annabelle doll.

And that's where SouthSide will end her tale without reveal too much. Want to know the rest of this horror story? Then, blogspot readers, she highly recommends checking out Annabelle Creation when it comes out August 11th. 

DO NOT bring children younger than teenage because they will have nightmares for days.

That's how creepy and terrifying this movie was. There were moments when this movie would have you cringing in your seat from the many sudden jump scares to cause your heart to pound wildly ...while other times, the scares were so random and fast you didn't have a moment to prepare your reaction. This reviewer enjoyed how there was an atmosphere of mystery surrounding the Mullins couple when the orphaned girls first arrived to their new "home" and throughout their stay. She suppose that's what director David Sandberg was going for in this movie. The lighting and shadows during the night scenes do give off a little fright as well as the daylight too.SouthSide's movie companion also thoroughly enjoyed Annabelle Creation though having a few scare moments of her own upon seeing the porcelain doll for the first time. She did note (and so did this reviewer) that the Mullins backstory could have been a little longer instead of rushing to the "several years" later part. The movie-going audience didn't get enough time know the family before the tragic accident.

Overall, blogspot readers, it's a must-see from this reviewer. It does have its rightful place within The Conjuring series but DO stay not for one yet two special scenes during the credits. SouthSide shall not reveal what happens but one is another reference to The Conjuring movie which has her thinking there might be another movie in the works to explain that scene and the others that happened during The Conjuring. 

And just to remind you (again), the real Annabelle doll remains locked inside a glass case and gets blessed by a priest twice a month, blogspot readers.

Annabelle Creation
August 11th, 2017 

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A special note to director David Sandberg, you mentioned there would a Saint Benedict medal given at the screening. Sadly, there wasn't and my teen (and myself) would like one as a keepsake for attending this movie..

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