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18 July 17 - Galactic Empire

In a galaxy far, far away …okay, not that far, far, far away …there was an music adventure, blogspot readers. For SouthSide, it was a galactic experience, which included many months of nagging and stalking a particular band to perform.

And guess what? Her ‘hard’ work and efforts paid off.

Yes, blogspot readers, SouthSide is the ultimate Star Wars nerd …she has been one before it was fashionably cool to be a fanboy/girl after growing within the generation that watched the original trilogy (Episodes IV – VI) on the big screen. The prequels (Episodes I – III) and Rogue One totally re-ignited the Star Wars franchise for the next generation and beyond. Episode VII, to be honest, was this reviewer’s biggest disappointment. In her opinion, the movie seemed rushed and confusing.

Enter Galactic Empire. This Star Wars-themed, cosplay metal band took over Chicago’s Cobra Lounge for one awesome one-night only performance that included other rockin’ acts Luca, Guardrail and Dangerkids – currently sharing the tour bill with Galactic Empire as they invade the US on their "We Got Company US Tour 2017". SouthSide highly recommends checking the intense, energized performance by opening act Dangerkids. Established from Dayton, Ohio, this 5-member metal rock band incorporates continuous head-banding anthems, bouncing energy that’s not just contained to the stage but amongst their highly enthused fans too, and one totally awesome female drummer on the kit, blogspot readers! Meet Katie and she rocked the kit from start to finish like no other drummer this reviewer has seen before. Besides the metal sound and music with some lyrical rap and screamo, SouthSide found something interesting about Dangerkids that truly had her hooked. It was the message behind the lyrics. Taking personal experiences and writing songs about them, lead vocalist Tyler inspired the young audience members at this all-ages show to believe in their dreams …no matter what their struggle or dream, he challenged them as well as everyone else to go for it. And that’s what kids today needed to hear. It’s possible to achieve your dreams. Don’t let anyone bring you down, blogspot readers. Songs like Inside Out, Light Escape (a very deep and emotional song ...definitely tug at the heart) and album title track Blacklist wowed this reviewer into checking out more by Dangerkids such as Kill Everything (the band coming back from the “dead”) and If Collapse (battling yourself and your demons). Plus, added bonus – this band gives great hugs. So after the show, hang out with them and get hugged! Currently on tour with Galactic Empire this summer, they are working on finalizing details for an autumn tour, blogspot readers. In the meanwhile, check out SouthSide’s new friends, Dangerkids, at and on Facebook …but she certainly recommends seeing this band live as the best way to introduce yourself to this hot rockin’ band


Good versus evil …from epic space battles to the sweeping hot desert sands of Tatooine and underwater world of Naboo …memorable characters and an operatic storyline that everyone knows since 1977. Now, you can add one more element, blogspot readers – taking the iconic franchise movie theme music to a whole different level in which fans of all ages will thoroughly enjoy. SouthSide highly recommends checking out Galactic Empire while they’re currently invading the US during their summer 2017 tour. This metal band has taken John Williams’ Star Wars themed music and flipped it into a hardcore head-banging metal sound WITHOUT skimping or missing any memorable note and rhythm. They have perfectly recreated each Academy-award winning composition to fit a heavy guitar-driven and rhythmic drum rock band that has garnered a rapidly growing fan base around the world. And it’s not just the music, the entire band dresses in the iconic costumes to enhance your viewing experience. There was Dark Vadar as lead guitarist, Boba Sett on drums, Shadow Ranger on guitar, Bass Commander on bass and Red Guard on guitar along with an Imperial minion as stage manager. They’re definitely not wearing cheap costume remakes either …except for the footwear since it was a steamy summer night when SouthSide recently saw them. Throughout the headlining performance, this reviewer was wowed and amazed by the tiniest attention to details …loving the vocal verbiage of Darth via Dark Vadar taunting a rebel named “Tim” into joining the dark side to the lighting sequence and stage props to immerse everyone, young and old, into a Star Wars atmosphere as well as an audience member experiencing one of Dark's infamous death choke on stage because he’s a traitor working with the rebel alliance. 

That poor audience member had no chance against the power of the dark side, blogspot readers. To say, SouthSide was a total geek during this performance would be an understatement. She was SO stoked o finally see Galactic Empire live …up close and personal enjoying such tracks like the Main Theme, Duel of the Fates and The Forest Battle (Dark hates the cuddly Ewoks). The best moment of the night was when Galactic rocked out Cobra Lounge with their metal version of the Cantina Band theme song …watch for the Imperial minion/stage manager liven up stage with his dancing, blogspot readers. To not reveal any more spoilers about a live Galactic Empire performance, this reviewer will end her review here by re-iterating her recommendation – go see this Star Wars-themed metal band live and snag a their debut CD too (other merch include t-shirts, pins, posters) while they’re touring the states. Check out their hilarious videos posted on their Facebook. SouthSide loved their latest one showing the parsec run to the nearest Taco Bell. For tour dates and ticket information, visit the band’s Facebook page. Also visit Galactic’s YouTube page. You would be wise to attend this most impressive show, blogspot readers.

Until next time, support your local scene,


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