Monday, February 2, 2015

A Very Special Message To...

 Emily Eavis

From: Mann Friday

SouthSide's friend -Mann Friday is aiming for that one last hurrah as a group and are trying to grab your attention for a slot at this year's Glastonbury with their new single Say Yeah. This band has headlined shows at Shepherds Bush Empire, The Forum and recently at the Islington Academy in London. 

However instead of SouthSide trying to convince you, she'll let the band state their case with the following appeal and video:

To coin a phrase like Alternative Afro-Folk-Rock is pretty difficult – and quite a mouthful, but it seems Mann Friday might have done so.

Hailing from South Africa, Italy and ...wait for it ...Zimbabwe(!), and bound together by a decade on the London rock scene, Mann Friday have forged a triumphant alloy of Brit grit and African optimism.

The self-propelled rockers boast a litany of achievements including five studio albums, near sell-out performances at premiere venues such as The O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, The Forum and Islington Academy – all supported savagely by an army of loyalist fanns.

One scalp they haven’t taken though, is a lifelong dream to play at the hallowed Glastonbury Festival. Their new single Say Yeah!, out January 15th 2015 is a stirring call to action and the accompanying video an explosive appeal to you, the Glastonbury organizer Emily Eavis, to book the band at this year’s festival.

Say Yeah! is the perfect combination of rock and folk that is full of energy.  It’s a blinder, combining percussion and guitar riffs into a richly layered mid-tempo melody that features a folk friendly drumbeat and rock undertones. The key is the vocal line, and not just melodically…

C’mon, there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious.

Twitter – @mannfriday

Until next time, support your local scene

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