Friday, February 27, 2015

50 Shades Of Grey

Actually the title of this movie (as well as the book series) should say:

Fifty Shades of Misconceptions

SouthSide saw this movie (against my will and better judgment – long story), blogspot readers, days before its theatrical release. Now that the initial hype has greatly subsided, she felt it was time to post her thoughts about Fifty Shades of Grey.


"Gawd ...what a beepin' awful movie ...horrible acting ...NO sexual tension and or edginess anywhere ...the main characters acted as if they were forced to touch each other throughout this crap of a movie ...definitely next year's Razzie's worst picture..." ~ actual SouthSide quote after when the credits were rolling ...truth be told - the audience booed the credits at this particular screening.

What a lot of misconceptions in which Hollywood over glorifies as well as glamorizes in what they (including the author of this poorly scripted …badly written mess of a book series) perceive the BDSM life and concept is and consists of. How does SouthSide know this? Basically, because she's a switch – meaning she exhibits both dominant and submissive personalities within this lifestyle.

However what pissed her off about this movie was how it assumes everyone who’s into BDSM was abused at one or another in their life. She doesn’t claim to speak for the entire community …only for herself so she would like to set the record straight. She was never abused. She simply enjoys a little spice and pain with her sexual life in which SouthSide finds there’s pleasure in pain and pain in pleasure. What we do is not abuse (as what the many so-called psychological “experts” will tell you). To vanilla (those not into BDSM) eyes, it is in which was erroneously displayed by the “punk kid playing dominant who gets off abusing women” Christian Grey character (Note: she always thought the male character role should have been a little older). Yes, there is “control” but solely depending the couple’s BDSM dynamic and needs please ignore what you saw on the movie screen. She cannot image her Daddy storming to her mother's place in anger shouting "You are mine!" unless he wants to get his butt kicked by her. Actually, getting spanked …whipped …caned  (it's just a tiny part of what goes on behind closed doors) et al is consensual between two adults where they play under safe and sane conditions. 

Keywords – consensual …safe and sane – please try to remember that.

Oh another thing – there’s no “official” contract to sign as it was poorly portrayed in this movie. Again, the keyword “consensual” comes to mind. Some of us like SouthSide are “collared” and “owned” by the one we lovingly and affectionately call “Sir”, “Daddy”, “Master” etc. It’s neither controlling or abusive …we do have a wonderful public/private life within the BDSM realm. It can be loving …protective …and fun not being “normal” and everyone else in the bedroom …to experiment new things – you know to spice it up between the sheets. As she mentioned before, she doesn’t speak for or represent the entire community – only herself since each dynamic differs from the other. However, she will tell you one more thing - get the facts first and avoid the Hollywood misconceptions.

Again, skip this movie as well as the book series. If you’re curious, read The Story of O or the works by Marquis de Sade. Better yet, if you truly want to feel sexual tension in an office setting, rent The Secretary. Trust SouthSide, this classic James Spader with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jeremy Davies movie is WAY better that Fifty Shades of Whatever hands down.

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  1. SouthSide,

    I remember watching "The Secretary" years ago and did not know what exactly to make of it, except the spanking scene kinda aroused me. Maggie was in another drama that reminded me of it, "Sherry Baby."


  2. Watching "The Secretary" and "Story of O" was what sparked my curiosity.


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