Tuesday, February 25, 2014

One On One With Jensen


Hey, blogspot readers, through the wonderful magic of modern technology, SouthSide caught up with another rockin' up and coming band making waves in the music scene in Leeds, UK. Jensen, trio featuring Andrew Jensen (front man on lyrics, synths, guitars), Simon Green (synths, bass) and Vier Jennings (guitars, synths), combines the intense power of hardcore rock and melodic synth rhythms within their songs like "Ghosts" and "Stars".

SouthSide: In five (5) words or less, could you describe Jensen?

Andrew Jensen: "...Pure, raw, honest, unrestrained, vision..."

SouthSide: Is there any specific reason why you would choose those particular words to describe the band?

Andrew: "..Mainly because that's how I write. Everything I discuss is pure and raw, it's all real experience and every time I'm writing I'm being honest with myself. I also don't hold back when I'm self analysing..."

SouthSide: You're the first band I've met without a bio and/or press release, so is it better to let the music speak for the band or vice versa? And why?

Andrew: "...a bio / press release is like bad foreplay. It's definitely better to skip it and get to the music..."

SouthSide: Off your debut album Zero One, which song(s) do you think defines what Jensen is about?

Andrew:  "...This is a tricky one. I don't mean to sound ahead if myself but the majority of the EP is actually old material. The album I'm currently working on is definitely definitive of where I'm currently at..I hopefully should get it finished soon..."

SouthSide:  So, is your songwriting process a collective or individual input based on your personal experiences, etc?

Andrew: "...I also write and record everything. I turn to the other guys for general support when I'm  tearing my hair out after recording a line of vocals for 5 days that still doesn't sound good enough. Sometimes they offer perspective when I'm getting too overwhelmed by detail..."

SouthSide: If given the opportunity to work with anyone for a collaboration, who would it be and why?

Andrew: "...Brian Wilson [of The Beach Boys] would be a good choice. Back in the day he was the troubled genius. People go on about how this, that and the other is a messed up record and I say go back and listen to Pet Sounds..that can get pretty fucked up. Especially when put into the context of the era it was released..."

SouthSide: What could fans expect to see, hear and/or experience when Jensen performs on stage?

Andrew: "...Well the stage shows previously (the previous band incarnation) have been pretty aggressive. The music is energetic and it's pretty easy to get caught up in the energy it gives off. Sometimes things get broken. Musically it's going to be an emotional rollercoaster. Some songs are pretty brooding, some are all out aggression..so it has it's highs and lows..."

SouthSide: I'm all about the local scene here in Chicago. So, being curious, is there a music "scene" in Leeds? If not, what's popular in UK these days?

Andrew: "...the music scene in Leeds is pretty non existent at the moment ...the best local venue has closed down so it's pretty dead. In general, the Hardcore / Metal core scene is pretty big but at the same time it's heavily over saturated ...it's almost become a parody of itself ...guitars are getting to the stage where you literally can not tune any lower. Everyone may as well throw their guitars away and just stick to bass guitars..."

SouthSide: During the spring and summer of 2014, where can fans find Jensen rockin' the stage?

Andrew: "...we're playing [a venue called] 53 degrees in Preston [located in Lancashire], May 10th [during the Dark-Cide Fest] with Psyclon Nine [glam/metal band from L.A., CA] and Death Valley High and that's the first gig of 2014 ...we will be announcing further dates soon for the UK..."

SouthSide: Are there any plans in the works to visit across the pond? If so, which cities would Jensen like to rock out in?

Andrew: "...We've never been to the US but would definitely like too ...we would be happy to play anywhere that would have us!"

SouthSide: Any parting words, would Jensen like to say to their American fans?

Andrew: "...if you have listened to us, then thanks for the support. I'm aware there is a lot of music out there so thanks for taking the time to have a listen!"

UK blogspot readers, buy your tickets now for Jensen's 10 May show by visiting http://www.53degrees.net.

For more to check out Jensen's music, visit http://www.wearejensen.com or http://www.facebook.com/wearejensen.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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