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01 Feb 14

It's metal, wild west and villains! OH MY, blogspot readers! This reviewer's Saturday evening would never be the same again...

Say "fare thee well" to your precious reviewer tonight, blogspot readers, because the lovely Eva Trixx is taking over this review! 

*insert evil laughter* 

Don't worry ...that nosy SouthSide wasn't harmed after having to steal her ticket for the V Is For Villains show at Bottom Lounge. She gladly give it up willingly or she would have faced dire consequences imaginable if she didn't. Besides, this wasn't her usual type of rock show. Anyway, Mr. Agitator and with his villainous group of sidekicks - Fallon Flynn, Jaxyl, Leyla,  and Vex shared the stage along with other performing acts such as Colonel Gunn's Wild West Music Show, El Famous and Tanzen with Breacher opening.

Eva likes her metal to be loud, pounding and very intense with a raw primal vocals, blogspot readers. However that's not what she received from the opening act Breacher ( during their performance at Bottom Lounge though liking the band's long instrumental metal sound in which she thought that's what they were. She doesn't like to be fooled. Breacher was quite heavy on the metal and screamo combination yet did a very poor job in trying to convey that type of band image to its audience. Sadly, the music was lackluster edge or intensity within its rhythms excitement to get this sassy villainess head banging. In other words, she couldn't "feel" them and their music that SouthSide woman would say. Sorry, metal, there were too many confusing chord changes and riff melodies going from one extreme to the next within many of Breacher's song as well as not truly connecting with the few in the audience. It was even hard to hear what the front man was saying over the mic while at the same time he tuned his guitar for the next song.

Meanwhile, TanZen ( gave a performance that even villains could rock as well as head bang to. Eva saw a few including the fearless villainous leader Mr. Agitator getting his metal on, blogspot readers. TanZen's music was the kind which could cause violent bouts of frenzy whiplash throughout its set ...or wild bodies moshing in a pit near the stage. Eva liked the feel of that venomous heat of lyrics frothing all over the mic which had her quivering from words of spite and anger being crammed down her throat. Heavy hitting guitar riffs flowing everywhere swinging (from the bassist) when he reached that metal zone ...ah, blogspot readers, TanZen accomplished what it set out to do tonight. Each member provided their audience with an exciting, heart-pounding show complete with roaring thunder or intense bass and percussion sound (despite) being a rather short set. This was music to feed your inner heavy metal soul as well as react accordingly get angry along with the band especially during the instrumental bridges.

Then, there was El Famous ( who kickstarted their set with such fiery songs like "Ignite" and "Rest In Peace" that had the growing crowd head banging to the serious sound of screamo vocals and heavy metal ...even though it was hampered with a minor technical difficulty. Not to worry, blogspot readers, it was quickly fixed in which it didn't stall the thrilling yet intense vibe flowing throughout the venue area of Bottom Lounge. Coupled with harmonious backing vocals, Eva liked El Famous' front man sending chills to her bones whenever his voice venomously spewed the angered spite over the mic. Plenty of "cringe in fear" moments here as well as excitement however she could have done without the extra electric wail after each song that was slightly painful on the ears. Still, El Famous rocked the stage with its hit single "Stay Together" (off the band's new CD coming out in March).

And that ended the metal portion of this show, blogspot readers, because now it was time to kick up yer heels and scream "Yeehaw" as Colonel Gunn and his Wild West Music Show ( took over the stage opening for the main attraction, V Is For Villains. Now, let Eva get one thing straight about this new band officially making their debut on stage - it's not your average country/western act. This local act mixes a lively music combination of rock, pop, cowboy tunes and adult contemporary featuring the fine Colonel Obadiah Gunn (on lead vocals and guitar), Lil Missy Mayhem (backing vocals),  Miss Dallas Darling (Gunn's Saloon vocalist),  the outlaw Maxie James (guitar), Ringo (on drums) and the dashing Professor Francis Fellows (on keyboards). Nervous tensions might be running high ...after it was the Colonel's first show but this act is a definite keeper and fine addition to V Is For Villains lineup, blogpsot readers. They instantly won the villainous hearts while rocking the stage with such delightful songs like Johnny Cash-June Carter "Jackson" (lovely duet but Lil' Missy needed more spitfire power on the mic), Neil Diamond's "Cherry, Cherry" and Dolly Parton-Kenny Rogers "Islands In the Stream" which had this villain legion partying along with the band. Plenty of fiery vocals with Miss Dallas Darling during her cover version of Aretha Franklin's "Respect" despite a little rough around the edges. Yet, Colonel Gunn's Wild West Music Show did put on an amazing show give this rockin' country/western theme band a try.

FINALLY - V Is For Villains ( on the stage! And the other fashionably dressed criminally-mind villains like Eva Trixx were ready to "Evolve or Die" or commit "Murder In The Art" along with Mr. Agitator and crew. Yet, there was something different about this particular Villains show compared to the others, blogspot readers. It was more haunting ...mysterious and darker in music and tone within the band's steampunk/industrial sound. In Eva's opinion, that was a good thing. Villains' songs from "Everybody Hates Me" to "Rise Above" and "A World Without Rules"  received a more polished sound and creepy vibe from the newest Villain member Leyla on bass cello. She added that haunting sound to counteract Fallon's hard-htting electric and Vex's intense keyboard rhythms thus turning Villains' industrial sound into something that takes you deeper down the path of  villainy whether you're prepared or not. Even their Nine Inch Nails cover "Closer" held the audience captive within the darkness of the deviant-toned lyrics wonderfully voiced by Mr. Agitator that even featured his signature evil laughter. The climatic NIN ending truly left the crowd hungry for more. Yet, no V Is For Villains show wouldn't be complete without the ever popular Pink Elephants in which the entire venue erupted to life, blogspot readers. Still this performance contained a couple more surprises like new songs "Murder In The Art" and "Arrogant" - both leading the Villains' music direction towards a darker yet fast paced and intense industrial path ...and a revamped version of Digital Mindy's "Popular". Yes, Villains fans, it's the dawning of the new evil with V Is For Villains ...and there's no turning back now either. Become one of us a Villain ..and join the "March of the Villains"!

Time for Eva to evade Scotland Yard, blogspot readers...

Until next time, support your local scene,

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