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23 Aug 13

Welcome to the ultimate Depeche Mode party, blogspot readers!

In honor of the UK electronic/rock band performing in Chicago, Berlin Nightclub hosted a free pre-concert party for Depeche Mode fans featuring the band's vast discography and videos all night long. And as added bonus - DJ and producer VoxBox performed a set of mashed up songs with live vocals. Fans like SouthSide got the extreme chance to hear (or re-live) favorite Depeche songs ...the hits such as Personal Jesus, Wrong, Freelove ...the classics - Everything Counts, Master and Servant, People Are People ...and the obscure rarities such as See You and more under one roof, blogspot readers. 

This was the nightspot for nonstop Depeche Mode videos of their live concert performances and band photos through the years while dancing underneath the dazzling lights with your fellow Depeche Mode fans. Speaking of the fans - the friendliest people SouthSide met throughout the night. Many of them have been fans of this UK band since the 80s. And if you were there, you might have caught this reviewer dancing to a few of her favorites like Dream On, Suffer Well, Never Let Me Down - to name a few. During the middle of the fun, blogspot readers, Chicago's own VoxBox rocked the dance floor with his special Depeche Mode mashup featuring live vocals during certain songs. This was when the nightclub truly came to life with people dancing to either remixed songs of Depeche's early years or recent stuff all the while random images of the band ran on the screens located around the bar. However, sadly, all good things had to come to end but Depeche Mode fans wanted more of their favorite band. This party concluded with a cool random mix of Depeche Mode songs like Heaven (of the band's current release Delta Machine) before ending on a high with Enjoy The Silence.

Noting this was SouthSide's first time at Berlin Nightclub, blogspot readers, this reviewer had a fun time inside one of Boystown hip places to dance and enjoy a few drinks. She liked the friendly and non-pretentious atmosphere to which she didn't feel the need to dress or dance to impress anyone except herself. It was nice meeting some of the regulars (gay and straight) who frequent this place  asking SouthSide if she was having a good time though it might have appeared she wasn't. Actually, she was merely mentally observing for this review. The Berlin (conveniently located near CTA's Belmont Red/Purple/Brown lines) may look small on the outside but there's plenty of room inside for you to mingle, dance and or watch the action around you, blogspot readers. There's also a mini stage area where you demonstrate your best dance moves to the crowd around. The real fun at Berlin doesn't start to well after 1a and you might face a line to enter if arriving at that particular time especially on Friday when DJ Greg Haus continued the fun until 4a with his Cosmix DJ set.

Be aware, blogspot readers, you must be 21 and older to enter.

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