Friday, August 23, 2013

21 Aug 13 - Electro Swing

The roaring twenties and thirties lives again ...with a millennial twist, blogspot readers!

Tonight, SouthSide took a break from the rock scene and had a fun-tastic time getting her swing on during Rouge! Chicago's Electro Swing deep within the heart of Lincoln Park at Wise Fools Pub. Happening every third Wednesday (of each month), this FREE event featured danceable swing music with an electro twist by resident DJs Lord Vourteque and Mr Automatic and sultry seduction of burlesque sideshow by the lovely yet mysterious Lady Lenux to tantalize the senses. Besides the music and sideshow, tonight's event also featured some relaxing massaging and random video clips of classic silent and talkie movies from the 20s and 30s shown around the bar. Speaking of the bar, Wise Fools Pub itself had the perfect decor and ambience for Electro Swing's monthly "meeting".

When attending Electro Swing, the first thing will come to mind is that you're stepping back into time when the gents dressed in coats and tails (or kilts) looking rather dapper in their spats and walking canes and hats while the dames dressed in their finest flapper dress and heels. Definitely think of attending a summertime party at Jay Gatsby's Long Island estate when you step through the entranceway of Wise Fools and see the fashionably dressed in their best vintage wear for a long night of Electro swinging. Everyone was in a festive mood tonight, blogspot readers, as many crowded the dance floor showing off a few moves here and there to remixed classic songs like Ella Fitzgerald's A-Tisket A-Tasket and It Don't Mean AThing throughout this event. Lord Vourteque and Mr Automatic provided a night of swing/ragtime music but with a slight twist - the electro sound which will get your toes tappin' to the rhythmic beat. 

The beauty about this event like another SouthSide attends (i.e. NOCTURNA) is that you don't have to feel the urge of "dressing to impress" anyone. She enjoyed the "come as you are" or be comfortable with what you're wearing atmosphere while observing those who decided to come to Electro Swing dressed in their vintage clothes. And it's a friendly atmosphere too. Everyone (must be 21+ to enter) is welcome to come and dance to the music, relax with friends or check out the random clips when movie making was its infancy, blogspot readers. Classic scenes like Fritz Lang's Metropolis to Warner Bros' The Roaring Twenties, Varsity Show and Gold Diggers of 1933 as well as familiar faces who were box office draw like James Cagney, Ginger Rogers, Bing Crosby, Dick Powell - to name a few. There was even a silent French film clips, a new reel featuring King George and Queen Elizabeth I and early Disney and Looney Toons cartoons.

In between the music and fun, the lovely Lady Lenux teased the attentive audience with her mysterious moves of seduction during her two acts of burlesque, blogspot readers, despite missing most of her first act. Featuring some assistance from Lord Vourteque, this artist charmed us with a little hip-shaking dance with him before seductively moving into her routine where she teased the mental and optical senses. Lady Lenux did have one amazing feat ...or SouthSide should say feet since it was her delicate toes expertly removing her thigh-high stockings while dangling upside down on a bar stool and swiveling the hips the electro music. Both times did the burlesque artist's act tease and excite leaving her audience wanting more, blogspot readers. Also there were two CD giveaways of Electro Swing Club vol. 1 Compilation (sorry, it's only available in UK not in the States yet) ...but you must sign up at Do312 site for the giveaways each month.  During the bewitching hour, Lord Vourteque debut a single he recently mastered to get the party moving again after the burlesque show.

SouthSide highly recommends attending the next Electro Swing in September.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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