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GrandMothers of Invention

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Hey, blogspot readers and Zappa fans, SouthSide recently received a press release about an upcoming tour show rockin' Chicago's Martyrs' on July 12. After wowing audiences during their month long tour in Europe, The GrandMothers of Invention featuring Zappa Alumni Don Preston and Napoleon Murphy Brock will be bringing the a "One Size Fits All And More" to the US this summer which recently began on June 23 at San Juan Capistrano, CA. Other US tour stops will include stops in North Carolina, New York, and Michigan.

Along with Don Preston and Napoleon Murphy Brock, The GrandMothers of Invention also features Christopher Garcia (drums, percussion, marimba and vocals), Dave Johnsen (electric bass and vocals), and Max Kutner (electric guitar and vocals) as they perform the legendary Zappa album One Size Fits All in its entirety. The performance will also include other MOI/Zappa favorites such as Bongo Fury, Roxy & Elsewhere and Uncle Meat.

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Napoleon says "...If you liked last year's tours of us performing the entire 'Roxy & Elsewhere' album, you will really have fun this tour, because we are doing 'One Size Fits All' in its entirety! [which according to the press release includes both German and English version of "Sofa"]..."  He also wants fans to know the difference between the GrandMothers Of Invention performing last year's "Roxy" and this year's "One Size Fits All" is - the original lead singer for both albums is the same lead singer performing your favorite songs, blogspot readers, live on stage. Be certain, this is NOT a tribute band you will be seeing rockin' the stage. "...The GrandMothers Of Invention is the ONLY band currently playing the music of Frank Zappa with two of the original members of the Mothers Of Invention..." He encourages fans to come out to the shows and sing along with the band to their favorite songs.

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Meanwhile, here's what Don says about the tour "...this tour will be quite an adventure as we will be performing the entire 'One Size Fits All' CD..." adding that "...'Inca Roads' is one of Zappa's best efforts in music writing along with other songs on that CD..." And what about the band? "...the band is ready..." Don states, "...this band is the tightest ever!" Then, he concluded with the following "...of course, that includes the songs that Napoleon recorded with Zappa like 'Andy',  'Florentine Pogan' and 'Sofa [#] 2' ...I will have some surprises that are just too weird to reveal..." In other words, blogspot readers, you have to be there to witness what Don will do during the performance.

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So far, GrandMothers Of Invention have been receiving rave reviews from the press like "...rare are the musicians who can even play Zappa's music, let alone make it live and breathe. So Thank the Lord for the GrandMothers of Invention..." to "...with two different Zappa eras represented, the GrandMothers have a wide palette of material to choose from..." as well as "...they served up vintage psychedelia - rock songs with surreal lyrics, jazz-like harmonies and melodic complexity, with flashes of wacky satire..." and simply "...amazing virtuoso musicians, fun and funny..."

For more information about "One Size Fits All" tour and tickets, visit the GrandMothers Of Invention official website at or their Facebook page

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