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23 Dec 12

Photo0501 ~ Joey and Brad of Your Little Ponies

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's spreading more holiday cheer before taking a break. Tonight, she's attending a very special show hosted at Elbo Room featuring 2/3 (Brad and Joey) of the trio known as Your Little Ponies ( rockin' the upstairs acoustic stage. Now normally, a typical Ponies' show would include songs about their favorite (sexual) things and/or activities with a slight bit of humor and wit woven into the lyrics and upbeat rhythms. Sometimes they do tend to get extremely explicit with the words - hey, they're known for being the "raunchiest local band" in town for nothing. However, since it was the holiday season, Your Little Ponies sort of toned down the raunchy act (not by much) but also featured more of seasonal flavor with some Christmas tunes mixed with their standards (ie, Pangea, Dude song and more). The audience enjoyed their version of Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (in which includes a Rudolph rant) and Feliz Navidad ...YLP style and added lyrics. Plus this special performance featured acoustic honky tonk/country/bluegrass music by their friend, Mark Jordan. Even Joey, Elbo Room's loveable bartender, sololy performed a popular love ballad in which he wonderfully displayed a light-hearted vocal tone while bringing the words to life amidst a pictureseque imagery.

Photo0505~ Mark Jordan

Besides highly recommending Your Little Ponies (whenever they get the chance to perform together as a band again), this reviewer suggests checking out singer/songwriter Mark Jordan who featured a soulful yet bluesy acoustic set as the Ponies' took an intermission, blogspot readers. Wow - he dynamically popped the acoustic room to life with his strong falsetto voice and intense twitterpating guitar rhythms featured in some of his upbeat style. Whether taking the voice down deep to stir your soul or energizing the room with passion (as heard in his cover version - Don't You Worry About A Thing), Mark definitely had a way of capturing not only the mood but the tone of each song randomly chosen to be performed. SouthSide liked how this cover version was given a bluesy sound off the acoustic guitar though retaining that lively R&B feel. His version of Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree had a lively yet funky country/blues rock sound which made this reviewer want to dance before turning a classic like Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas from a downtempo downer to lively acoustic alternative song to fit the party atmosphere felt within the lounge

Photo0510~ Brad joining Mark on stage

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