Monday, December 10, 2012

07 Dec 12 - Dan Sindel

Hey, blogspot readers, recently one of SouthSide’s good friends from Los Angeles disclosed to her and many other friends of his battle with tongue cancer. Through love, support and prayers, Dan Sindel is now cancer free. However she’ll let him tell you his story...

“...Last June, I was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue. On July 12, 2012, I went in for major surgery and had to have over ½ of my tongue removed to clear the tumor ...then went through 6 grueling weeks of radiation as well as a few chemo treatments. I am steadily recovering and so grateful for life itself, the amazing doctors who saved me and the immense support from family and friends...”

Dan continues by stating “...the rate of cancer cases is growing and affects so many people. I want to make an impact and try to save lives. I can best help by raising money for cancer research through the gift of my music...”

To give back by helping others, blogspot readers, Dan has put together a fine collection of nine (9) experimental / instrumental rock tunes in a unique CD project titled Plateaus which was recorded using his own home studio. This artist wrote all the songs, played all the instruments, and programmed all the drums and synthesizers as well as recorded and mixed the entire project himself.

By visiting his site, , “...I kindly ask [in helping] me in the fight against cancer by downloading a copy of my new release ...and give a small donation using PayPal...” With a minimum donation of $5 to download the album, Dan hopes to raise $500 where it will be donated to The Cancer Research Center to help save (more) lives, blogspot readers. So far, Dan has raised $250 (as of today Dec 10)!

SouthSide also highly recommends check out Dan Sindel’s YouTube page in particularly watching one of her favorite songs included in the CD titled Into The Ether and feel the soothing yet electric rush of flying through the universe with Dan and his instrumental rock sound’s truly poetry in flowing motion, blogspot readers. Visit - Into The Ether - Dan Sindel - Music for cancer research. Also check out his others like Anitras Dance (another SouthSide favorite) as well as his instrumental interpretation of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and the works by John Philip Sousa.
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  1. ***Update: Dan Sindel has accomplished his goal, blogspot readers, of raising $500 for cancer research! He expresses his thanks to all who donated...***


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