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21 May 11

...going to melt your faces for 45 minutes or so...
Inn Cinema

Hey, blogspot readers, though the so-called Rapture didn't go as according to plans, SouthSide still had fun rockin' the Bottom - that's Bottom Lounge (located in the West Loop area)! Tonight, she was invited by her long time friends, Inn Cinema, to attend this 17 and older show which also featured Daylight Dawns, Onasis, Red Novella and I Can Hear Myself Levitate. SouthSide wishes to apologize to I Can Hear Myself Levitate for having to duck out of their headlining show early but promises to rock out with them in the future. In the meantime, she highly suggests visiting or to check out songs Eskimo Kiss and The Coldest Abyss In Your Heart.

Opening with a prelude likened to a dawning sunrise, Daylight Dawns immediately rocked the stage with a thundering blast of heart-pounding sound. And really, blogspot readers, this band prided itself in being BIG on the booming fx so much that it was the man feature in 90% of their songs performed. At first, SouthSide was impressed by it especially when putting emphasis at the chorus or ending within Day's metal-tastic guitar riffs was loud ...boisterious and she could feel that energy where she was (by the sound engineer booth). However, in her opinion, the sonic boom-like fx was a bit overused. After a while, it was hard on the ears but there was actually a song in which the boom was there yet not as the focal point of the song. Day's front man, Scott, with his charismatic stage presence and melodic falsetto along with the band's energy rocked out this one particular song. Also check out songs Where It Ends and Truth found on or find them on Facebook.

Onasis wasted no time diving feet first into their set without any warning in which front man, Tim, cranked out plenty of primal angst into his screams amidst the shredded riffs. What an opening rush, blogspot readers! This reviewer enjoyed the pent up energy - great for head banging action for you metalheads especially during Rains All Day. Though not as melodic in vocals like Day's front man, Onasis' Tim did display a unique vocal style that featured a more natural tone to bring out the raw emotions (thus adding depth and meaning to the lyrics). She also liked how such vocals generated fiery responses from the audience as well as the Onasis band itself. During this performance the band featured a couple of new songs containing rhythms within the core rock sound and livelier tempos to electrify Onasis' metal vibe ...sometimes highlighting the melodic side of this band. For more information, visit or find them on Facebook.

It's been a long while since SouthSide last seen Inn Cinema though feeling like she was seeing her friends on stage for the first time again, blogspot readers, Immediately she was soaking into this band's energy ...feeling that heart-stopping rush off the guitars ...rocking to their metal momentum. In other words, Inn Cinema did literally melt not only our faces but the stage as well. And this was barely into the opening song. There wasn't a moment when that stage didn't take a beating from front man, Rasheed (guitar/vocals) along with Jason and Adam throughout Inn's performance upon feeling that spark of momentum. Watch out for the guitars to be flying, spinning, etc all over especially during songs Acid of Time and Resurrection. She suggests listening to these songs for their fiery metal, head banging rock energy as well as emotionally charged vocals with the heart pounding sound that instantly grabs you. Visit or find Inn Cinema on Facebook.

Though needing a bit more mic power for front man, Jameel, Red Novella immediately picked up the energy where Inn Cinema ended without missing a single vibrant beat, blogspot readers. SouthSide was instantly hooked on this band's dark metal-tastic sound that's full of shredded guitar riffs and Jameel's charismatic persona working the stage like Inn Cinema's Rasheed despite feeling a bit under the weather. Compared to his former band, Nothing Forgotten, Red's front man/vocalist electrified the band around him as well as excited the fans with his dynamic vocals (sometimes featuring a little lyrical rap verse in a couple of songs). Fitting within the band's dark metal theme, he's allowed more time to be expressive on the lyrics in songs such as Paradise and Eraser (plenty of twitterpating riffs to grab your attention while Jameel pops with some lyrical verse). Also check out new song, Rain Dance - SouthSide liked the native (Indian) tone and feel woven within this particular metal song along with Jameel being emotionally charged in the vocals. Visit or for more information and music.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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