Monday, May 9, 2011

05 May 11

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's celebrating Cinco de Mayo! She's having a tequila spritzer while having a rockin' time on a rainy Thursday night at Elbo Room to see her new friends, The Poor Nobodys (MN) perform on stage.

This reviewer recommends checking out this vagabond of musicians with a modernized version of gyspy music mixed with a hint of jazz-alternative. Known as The Poor Nobodys, this band thoroughly impressed this reviewer despite few minor problems (i.e. distorted reverb and low microphone) occuring during this lively yet uniquely upbeat performance. Whether their music had a country theme or an alternative/jazz fusion, she enjoyed how these talented "gypsies" wonderfully honed into the popular music style of a century past but with a modern spin for the audience of the new millennium to enjoy. Plus the vocal arias (beautifully done by Jenni) had a sense of mystique to Poor's songs at times but also adding some vibrant energy to the band's alternative sound under her chanteuse-like voice. This vocalist did more than captivate the audience's ears - she popped the lyrics to life during certain particular songs. Though having a good time listening to The Poor Nobodys, SouthSide did have a small problem with their set - no song introductions. It would have been nice to know which songs the band were performing to spotlight in this review. For example, one particular Poor song featured a pseudo-version of the Funeral March of Queen Anne before wowing the ears with Jenni's operatic vocal talent.

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