Tuesday, April 12, 2011

08 Apr 11

...this is chaos...

Chaos - a good word choice to perfectly describe tonight's On The Town adventure, blogspot readers. If she could, SouthSide would have avoided spending her Friday night at the capacity-filled Cobra Lounge. However, she was there along with members from such prominent local bands - Janus, Inn Cinema, Heartset Selfdestruct and The Branded (and many more) supporting her good friends, Seven Day Sonnet, before leaving on tour. Also sharing the stage with Seven Day was opening band, Hessler and headliner, The Last Vegas. This reviewer has long sought to review a live performance by The Last Vegas but the overcrowded scene had her ending the evening earlier than anticipated.

...best performance I've seen by you guys so far...

No, blogspot readers, those above statements weren't made by SouthSide. They're actual fan reactions overheard after witnessing Seven Day Sonnet's rockin' performance at Cobra Lounge. And SouthSide wholeheartedly agree with those statements for this was one Seven Day show in which the band rocked down the stage with more energetic excitement and hardcore guitar music. In front of their loyal fans and a packed house, this rising local band had everyone reeling from its thrilling riff momentum as well as uncommon use of melodic rhythms not typically associated with Seven's core sound. It did take a slight edge off the hardcore music but only enough to highlight the emotionally charged vocals by front man, Ben. This dynamic vocalist, blogspot readers, put a lot of vibrant umph into Seven Day's lyrics somewhat creating a poetic tone yet feeling angst/frustration (at times screamo) within his voice.

Prime example would be Seven Day's Closer where Ben made the crowd not only feel the emotionally charged angst dripping from his voice but also the emotionally charged sound within the band's heart-pounding guitar riffs by Mike (guitar/vocals), Rick (guitar) and Anthony, (SouthSide's unofficial boyfriend on bass). And with drum percussions by Dan driving home that hardcore rock sound, one can literally feel Seven Day pumping fiery momentum throughout this venue. The same could be said during All Fall Down in which Ben added some screamo angst into the lyrics thus exciting Seven's diehard fans to sing and/or bang their heads to the music. Even while taking the energetic rock sound and tempo down a bit, fans were still reeling from the hardcore vibe (off the guitar riffs) especially during the instrumental bridge. This was also the moment when Ben shined as front man where he asserts himself vocally and emotionally amongst Seven's lyrics.

SouthSide highly recommends visiting http://www.myspace.com/sevendaysonnet (or find them on Facebook) for tour details of when and where her rockin' friends, Seven Day Sonnet, are coming to a venue near you, blogspot readers.

Until next time, support your local scene,

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