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04 Apr 11

Oi, leitores, enquanto blogspot ...SouthSide fora da corrida para o Brasil! E então ...não na realidade no entanto se ela poderia, ela iria e sua primeira parada seria Sao Paulo. Ela bons amigos, Diafanes, voltou para Elbo a quente com quarto trazente com eles a quente bossa nova/balouçar sons de seu amado país. Eles também trazer com eles um artista extraordinário sobre o elétrico instrumental balouçar - Eric Matern. O presente crítico altamente recomenda fazer chegar uma melhor familiar com tanto sensationally rockin' actos.

Hey, blogspot readers, so long ...SouthSide's running away to Brazil! Well ...not actually however if she could, she would and her first stop would be Sao Paulo. Her good friends, Diafanes, returned to Elbo Room bringing with them the hot bossa nova/rock sound from their beloved country. They also brought with them an artist extraordinaire on the electric instrumental rock - Eric Matern. This reviewer highly recommends getting better acquainted with both sensationally rockin' acts.

There was beauty well as fiery passion all wrapped around an instrumental rock sound, blogspot readers, within Eric Matern's Elbo Room performance. This talently young musician electrified the stage with vibrant melodic riffs that dazzled the ears within a pulsating rhythm song after song. His music came to life at every electric chord performed as well as lyrically (yes, one can hear lyrics being sung from the tone and tempo of Eric's epic pieces). SouthSide literally felt the twitterpating riffs from his fast fingering excitedly stirring the soul with its energy even while taking the tempo down to a steady pace - there was still life vibrating. Basically, blogspot readers, when Eric shreds, he truly shreds on the electric guitar. Besides performing Paperthin Hearts (track 3) and Daydreams (track 4) off his current album, Something's Missing (in which he also plays bass, drums and piano), this reviewer suggests listening to Since You Wanna Know - which had this reviewer riding the electrifying waves of hardcore riffs. Eric soaked this particular song containing sparks of fiery emotions with lots of heart-pounding momentum amidst its thundering sound. SouthSide can only imagine what the actual lyrics would be yet knows no human voice could ever truly match this song's mood and momentum beautifully as Eric Matern did. Visit or Facebook for more information about this amazing musician.

Diafanes (as of the date of this review) were wrapping up the final days of their tour which had them rockin' stages at Washington D.C.'s Cherry Bloossom Festival and SXSW. SouthSide's friends returned to their favorite city with an awesome lakeshore skyline to rock out Elbo Room with their vibrant music combination of Brazilian flavor, world influences and rock. Performing songs off current albums, See Through and Obviously Clear, Diafanes lit up the stage with pulsating bursts of guitar energy and flowing melodic rhythms behind a unique chanteuse-like vocal style by Lorena. It's a misconception her vocals fit out of place with this band's type of sound however this talented vocalist adds the right amount of spice and fire to the music from her high soprano vocal tone where Diafanes melodic tone mostly comes from. The band itself thrilled this reviewer with sound of worldly influence intricately woven amongst its songs ...from a hint of Latin/Flamenco to Asian (J-Pop) as well as Arabian (from the finger cymbals), your ears will be soulfully inspired by the rhythmic vibe. Off the album, See Through, SouthSide highly suggests listening to the melodic Asian-Brazilian combination with some Flamenco guitar riffs and castanets (by Lorena) heard in track 4 - Inside Me, the J-Pop sound and danceable Latin rhythms heard in track 8 - Open Your Eyes and title track - See Thru (featuring a steady heart-pounding pulse through within a downtempo feel). Off Diafanes' album, Obviously Clear, SouthSide highly suggests listening to tack 9 - In Your Pockets (SouthSide's favorite song) for its blast of guitar riffs weaving in and out of ranges unimaginable within its fiery momentum (and vocals) and some bossa nova rhythms that made her want to dance, track 12 - Blank, though taking the energy down again thus creating an air of mystery as well as vibrant sound of electric/country pop sound and track 3 - Unity. Visit or for more information and music by this band.

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