Thursday, September 30, 2010

29 Sept 10

"...50 Cent...
...We don't play any of his stuff..."

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's diggin' the soulful sounds at Double Door! Tonight, the famous venue was totally in the groove with lively R&B performances featuring bands like The Congregation and The Sometimes Family. If you're looking for a band that has energy rockin' the stage with a bit of the old-new school mix, then SouthSide highly suggests checking out Keith & The Complications.

There's nothing complicated about Keith and his swingin' music, blogspot readers. Hip cats would like the classic stax riffs (off the guitars), soulful rhythms (off the keyboards), HOT funkified horns and percussions. And then there's Keith and his two lovely divas adding powerful vocals and sexy charm to each song. What a dynamic combination! How can you not feel that vibe and momentum upon hearing the subtle crescendo at the start of the performance?

For example, this reviewer suggests listening to Sweat - everyone within this band added their own seductive persona into this song though in a downtempo groove, there's still plenty of spunk and fire in the music which had Keith and his divas literally sweatin' to the groove. He and his ultra suave falsetto had SouthSide feeling his sexy charisma and stage presence. She enjoyed the natural interaction between him and his female vocalists especially towards the end of the song during the hot electric solo.

The performance had this soulful vibe with a Southern Baptist gospel feel (off the keyboard rhythms) when Keith added some harmonics and deep emotion into his voice. The instrumental alone of this particular song in a slow downtempo pace rocked the stage with a splash of lively energy. And this energetic vibe wasn't solely contained to the stage. The audience felt it as well throughout this set especially when Keith would hop off stage to mingle amongst them. He was acting more like a gracious host than a front man of his band making sure everyone's having a fun time at his party. What a party this show turned out to be as Keith & The Complications closed in style by rockin' the stage to The Time (dedicated to Jerry Lee Lewis' birthday).

SouthSide highly recommends heading to Martyrs' on October 27th for Keith & The Complications' Record Release show. It should be one HOT rockin' time, blogspot readers. For more information, visit http://www.keithandthecomplications or

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