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01 Sept 10

Hey, blogspot readers, it's another exciting edition of the Flabby Hoffman Cavalcade! Every first Wednesday of the month at The Exit (Chicago's original punk/biker bar who don't give two bits about their reputation)featutes a bit of everything packed into ONE fun show of music, comedy and uniquely unexpected. Chicago area blogspot readers can watch clips of the Cavalcade every Thursday night on CAN channel 19 from 11:30p to 12:30a or on YouTube. Tonight's musical lineup included performances by Flabby Hoffman Trio (with poetic Haiku by Sid Yiddish), Monk 9, Hail The Black Dragons, Aaron Morales Band and Orifice A. Each Cavalcade is hosted by funny man Sloop Biedermann in which you can find him at http://www.dailylimerick.net.

Opening with Invocation (Sid Yiddish on ram horn), Flabby Hoffman Trio (usually never an actual trio) rocked out The Exit with an eclectic blast of music. The Trio featured a variety of instruments (keyboards, therman) and SouthSide's rockin' friend on guitar, Lizard (of Plain Ole Delicious). To the ears, Flabby's rock sound tend to be wild as well as chaotic however that, blogspot readers, would not be the case. Each member of the Trio are adding a piece of themselves into each song written and sung by the masked man himself. Believe or not - they do not even rehearse before performances! Don't ask how they can understand what to play or how each song should sound like ...that's the mysterious magic of Flabby Hoffman. It's his way of allowing the unique collection of rhythms and beats take on a life of its own especially during the instrumental. Performing such songs like Cornholing The Easter Bunny and Chest Set Made Out Of Hooker Scabs (yes, those are actual song titles), Flabby and the band had Sid recite a bit of pop culture Haiku between songs. This was an all-star jam session with poetry at its best. For more information, visit http://www.flabbyhoffman.com or http://www.myspace.com/flabbyhoffman.

Recently rocking the stage at Elbo Room, this duo mysteriously named Monk 9 bursted into their set with a BANG! To SouthSide it was more like "wham-bam-gonna-hit-your-face" BAM of rockin' sound. She liked Monk's funky groove that featured 9 on electronic bass/guitar and Monk on percussion. Both musicians performed each song with energy and gusto which brought excitement to this Exit audience. This set had momentum that wouldn't quit. They rocked out their performance with a HOT KC & the Sunshine Band cover, Get Down Tonight. Though there was less disco, it had plenty of funk/rock sound for SouthSide to dance along with the band. She also highly suggests listening Leave Me Alone and Nasty Girl. For more information, visit http://www.monk9.com or http://www.myspace.com/monknine.

If you want to hear epic-sounding space rock, then check out SouthSide's good friends, Hail The Black Dragons. These Dragons will definitely soak your ears with hardcore guitar riffs and electronica (by Android on keyboards) as well as glam by Aston (front man on vocals/guitar). This band prides itself in giving what its fans and audience demand - one heck of a rock show. And that's what happened tonight. Performing songs like Specto Labyrintho Pantheono(roughly translated Master Of The Mountain) and Female Archetype(listen for the "Batman" theme running off the guitar riff), HTBD also performed Cobrahead, a snake-like rock-n-roll song to chill your blood, blogspot readers, with venom (lots of angst and frustration). SouthSide suggest snagging their triple disc titled Space Phantom Machine Vampire for other rockin' songs like Shining, Monster Zero (SouthSide's song) and Wings of Hyperion (nearly sixteen minutes of epic-sounding space rock that clearly defines HTBD's sound). For more information, visit http://www.hailtheblackdragons.com or http://www.myspace.com/hailtheblackdragons.

Sadly, blogspot readers, SouthSide honestly came to a juncture of the Cavalcade in which she honestly didn't like Aaron Morales Band. It was the music that she found fault with but the whole structure of the band itself. Never had she seen and/or heard a corporate-manufactured group of musicians who lacked stage presence (basically standing there not generating any excitement for the music performed). Plus this band butchered a Rolling Stones classic (and one of many SouthSide's favorites) Heartbreaker. It was certainly a heartbreaker watching a musician get overwhelmed and overpowered by the music in which no one could hear his vocals over the microphone. And don't get this reviewer started on the "fake" groupie chicks dancing and trying to air guitar along with the band - totally NOT necessary. The band as well as the music should be selling the band to the audience not the chicks dancing. Not only that, the documentary film crew and screaming "security" guy (loudly shouting to hype this band in SouthSide's ears) were truly a distraction. She has a couple of suggestions for Aaron - skip the groupie chicks, they weren't doing much but over inflating what wasn't really there. And stop rushing through the songs, allow the music to "breathe" for your audience to enjoy ...rock music is meant to be passionately played ...not rushed as if you're running a race.

Closing out this edition of Flabby Hoffman's Cavalcade was the energetic punk/screamo rock music of Orifice A. Angst and aggression as well as frantic chaos ruled this rockin' performance behind this band's wicked riffs and chords. And the energy felt - plenty of that abound that it had SouthSide's head banging to the metal beat. Plus Orifice won the "best band accessory of the night" award when Scotty Jam Jam rocked the stage in a plaid black-n-white bikini top! Yes, ladies, that Scotty can certainly work a bikini top while hopping on and off chairs. Though rockin' The Exit at the early hours of the morning, this band packed its set with heart-pounding, thundering guitar rock. This reviewer highly suggests listening to their songs Dead Hooker, The Goodness of Jim Jones and Don't Sit On My Bread. For more information, visit http://www.myspace.com/orifica.

Who know what fun and music holds at the next Flabby Hoffman Cavalcade ...just have to wair until October...

Until next time, support your local scene,


  1. Hey Southside,

    My drummer found your blog/review on the net and I thought i'd chime in on it.

    I'm a bit disappointed that you didn't enjoy my band's performance, but I respect your opinion, and understand that my music isn't for everyone. Please allow me to offer an explanation of things you pointed out in your blog.

    First of all, the band isn't "corporate-manufactured" in the least bit. My label (or no other corporate organization) had any input in the selection of the members of my band. I chose them, basically because they are friends and good musicians. The guitarist and bassist both play in a local punk outfit, Alabaster Soapstone, aside from playing live dates with me. The drummer came from playing in a band in Japan, and my guitar player hooked us all together. But let me tell you-These guys play for the love of music, not for the paycheck.

    Why they lacked stage presence? Maybe because we usually don't play on Wednesday nights. Or maybe they had Nyquil cocktails before the show-Who knows?

    Why we butchered the Stones classic "Heartbreaker"? We like the song, but we think it's too slow. So we sped it up. If we played the covers just like the originals, we'd be a cover band. And everyone knows how much cover bands suck.

    Why the soundman didn't turn up my vocals? Hmm... good question. I myself would like an answer to that one.

    The "groupie chicks" were not/are not part of my show. They did that on their own-I guess when girls want camera time, they want camera time. Who am I to complain? Girls will be girls!

    Why the security guy was yelling? Who knows? If I see him again, i'll ask.

    My style of music is meant to be fast. I write poppy, melodic little ditties, but I play them with such speed and intensity that it throws some people off. What can I say, The Ramones had a big impact on me.

    In short, I appreciate the review, as bad press is better than no press at all. Allow me to send you a copy of my latest cd so you can decide for yourself if you like or dislike the music of Aaron Morales, sans distractions. Deal?

    Either way, I thank you Southside for your support of the local scene and wish you much success with your blog-People are reading, so keep up the good work.

  2. Hey there. This is Shannon here. I'm a Casting Producer for "America's Got Talent". I would love to speak to you about some of the acts mentioned here. I have not had the fortunate pleasure of being able to see Flabby Hoffman's Cavalcade or Monk 9 being that I live here in LA and we fly in and out of towns quickly when we're holding auditions.

    We're in CHI on the 6th and 7th and I'd like to book some exclusive auditions for some good, unique, bizarre stuff. I could really use you as a local resource.

    All the Best-



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