Monday, July 25, 2016

The Forest (2016)

:...when you see something bad, it's all in your head's not real...

Well, that's basically the driving theme to this movie, blogspot readers, to which SouthSide regrets renting from the library. Usually, she pick some good ones but this recently released on DVD movie was mediocre at best in trying to frighten this reviewer with it's haunting spirits within  a spooky forest that's totally real in Japan. The Forest definitely has rewritten the classic movie rules, blogspot reader, to the point the storyline and some of its characters left SouthSide scratching her head in confusion.

The premise is - a twin named Sara (played by Natalie Dormer) is in search of missing her twin sister (who's an American teaching in Japan) who took her students on a field trip to Japan's infamous Suicide Forest (actually named Aokigahara or Sea of Trees located at the base of Mount Fuji). The police believes she went there to commit suicide and is dead ...Natalie's character believes otherwise. She has this "feeling" (to which she emphatically repeats throughout the movie) that her sister is alive and is determined to find her as such. Those whom she meets on her journey to Aokigahara warn her that perhaps her sister doesn't want to be found. They tell her that strange things happen when you stray off the path might hear or see weird things that could be just your mind playing tricks on you.

Yet, warnings like those mentioned doesn't deter this twin from her mission especially when she decides to spend a terrifying night inside the forest against the sound advice of her Japanese guide. She's lucky to survive ...or did she?

Is her sister alive or dead?

And who is Taylor Kinney's character - Aiden suppose to be? Is he a "uri" (Japanese for ghost) or a reporter like he said he was?

Confusing questions that will NEVER be answered because this movie was messy with so much confusion, blogspot readers!

Granted, SouthSide did enjoy the surprising twist at the end of the movie ...but please - NO sequel. This particular movie doesn't even deserve one since it ends with many unanswered questions or perhaps, this reviewer should re-rent the movie for a second viewing.

Then again - perhaps not.

Some movies are just made to be viewed once and only once, blogspot readers. And she also understands why there was some strong opposition against the release of this movie. It does somewhat exploit of true historical significance of Aokigahara as the movie's horror backdrop and theme. Besides that, the characters especially between Natalie Dormer and Taylor Kinney had no real connection to each other. SouthSide felt she was watching two actors just going through the motions of hitting their lines without any emotion or depth. It was almost like that god-awful Prince of Persia movie again, blogspot readers. Despite the messy script and confusing characters, the scares within The Forest was okay ...some do grab at you but nothing that will leave you looking for a flashlight to keep you company. 

SouthSide recommends viewing The Forest if you want to see it to be seeing it. Rent it first before buying to add to your collection.

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