Sunday, February 7, 2016

Perfect Body

What is the "perfect body", blogspot readers?

Is it a size 10 ....size 4 ...or even a size 2 to 0?

Could it be found even in a size 16 or 32 and beyond, blogspot readers?

Not trying to poke fun at anyone's size or weight  ...even SouthSide has been on the non-skinny size since she was a teen. She has been told that she doesn't have the "perfect body" to get boyfriends, to be more popular and friends while in high school. She was told no one would love her due to her size.

What a way to instill confidence at a teenage SouthSide. Yet, it does actually happen to other teenage girls and young adults every day by their own family members and/or parents ...or now - on social media via "body" or "fat" shaming. It takes years to raise above the negativity and learn to love yourself as well as your body again.

Fashion magazines are no help either ...since they view the "perfect body" to be a size 00 to 2 yet it's encouraging to see more models walking the runways in plus size body and to know that Paris, le fashion capital of world requires models to be more than a 00 or 0 size.

SouthSide applauds the realization that we, plus-size women, deserve some representation on the fashion runways too. 

However, it's not enough. What about the younger generation?

Today, young girls, tweens and teens are still being bombarded with stereotypical advertisements of what a "perfect body" is, not only through teen magazines but more than ever through social media - since that's how you can basically reach and connect with them in this new technological millennial age. They need REAL positive role models ...real inspiration that they do have the "perfect body" no matter what size, skin color, hair style, gender, et al they have. 

Real beauty is found and seen everywhere, blogspot readers.

SouthSide highly recommends viewing this powerful ...yet inspirational video, "Perfect Body" by her good friend, Aryk Crowder, that was recently released. The video touches on the negative but with a beautiful message - you are indeed beautiful have the "perfect body" no matter what anyone says.

Not only does SouthSide encourages you to watch it but also share it with others. Spread the message around your daughters, nieces, grandchildren, etc ...spread the message around that everyone know they have the 'perfect body".

There was a PBS television show in which SouthSide as a young child would watch every day called Mr. Roger's Neighborhood ...and Fred Rogers aka Mr. Rogers would close each episode by saying "You're beautiful by being just the way you are" or something to that effect. 

A powerful message for an adult to say to his television audience of children.

The same message still rings true ... you are indeed beautiful by being the person just as you are, blogspot readers.

SouthSide believes that.

So should you.

You can visit Aryk Crowder and his music on Facebook or

Until next time, support your local scene,

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