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Martyrs (2008)

Martyrdom... does one achieve it, the highest status of death that goes beyond death? Is it only when religiously persecuted …or suffering the final stages of an incurable disease …or could it be obtained through submission by intense sadomasochistic torture?

Interesting question based on a very terrifying, spellbinding French/English subtitled psychological horror movie – Martyrs (2008) written and directed by Pascal Laugier …starring Morjana Alaoui, Mylene Jampanoi with Catherine Begin as Mademoiselle. And believe SouthSide, this movie is NOTHING like you’ve ever seen or witnessed before, blogspot readers.

Its opening scenes will instantly grab the senses as you watch a bloodied young girl running out of an abandoned factory-type building screaming …after escaping whatever unspeakable horrors that was inflicted on her. Now jump ahead, fifteen years later, a family about to sit down and have breakfast when they are unexpectedly yet brutally murdered (via double barrel shotgun) by the victim as an act of revenge against the “mother” and “father” for torture they inflicted on her. Her companion, named Anna, doesn’t fully understand why her friend would want to kill this family but after being kidnapped and then told why by an even mysterious character only known as Mademoiselle – she begins her journey into the hellish weeks (perhaps months) of beatings and deprivation until having to face the final challenge…

SouthSide should pause for a moment to warn you, blogspot readers. If you have a weak stomach or can’t handle the graphic violence/horror in this movie so wonderful projects, then stop reading this review now.

Martyrs is definitely for the weak …it takes a very strong stomach and willing mind to handle the terrifying acts of violence and psychological reasoning of why this mysterious group of people are torturing, beating, et al these women into achieving that martyrdom status. Their sadomasochistic rituals of routinely brutal torture was somewhat tough to handle but also very much excitedly arousing. Getting one’s face slapped did bring out the fuzzy warm feelings in SouthSide yet in the final moments when facing the final test – WOW …never saw that coming but should have since after what Anna endured to achieve the status, this reviewer would have probably done the same. Sorry, blogspot readers, this reviewer won’t be revealing what Anna experienced at the moment when the “surgeon” removed her skin and…

OMG – what does she tell Mademoiselle upon achieving that bliss?

We will never know, blogspot readers, unless you’re an expert at reading lips.

Yep, SouthSide will stop here …again. Martyrs holds NOTHING back as far as the violence goes, blogspot readers. If you’re like her, your body will jump at each intense moment throughout …but will certainly enjoy the well-crafted plot that’s a brilliantly conceived nightmare brought to reality. Is it a horror masterpiece? In this reviewer’s opinion, yes it is. Take away the brutality and horror, you still have the macabre of a mysterious group’s morbid taste in torturing innocent women to the point of death and the psychological emotions running high during the 1 hour and 39 minute runtime. For example, a kidnapped-tortured victim that Anna discovers underneath the house is wearing a crude metal chastity belt and metal blindfold that’s nailed into her head. SouthSide dares you to try not sitting still when watching Anna prying the nails out of her skull to take off the blindfold. It’s one of MANY scenes that will have you gripping the edge of your seat for dear life. Besides the intensity of the horror and such, there’s a bit of lightheartedness that comes before the shocking end, blogspot readers. You really have to respect their sense of compassion and willingness to have a “funeral service” for Anna.

You won’t find Martyrs in the regular DVD section at your local library (that’s where SouthSide found this movie) …but do try the Foreign section because the movie is French-Canadian made. This reviewer doesn’t know if there’s a tamer “R” rated version of this particular movie however a true psychological horror fan would definitely enjoy viewing the unrated version.

It’s a SouthSide “triple A plus movie”…

Until next time, support your local scene,

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