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26 Nov 13

Hey, blogspot readers, the Thanksgiving countdown begins! SouthSide has a busy schedule of shows/events before and after the holiday that's rockin' around town from Double Door's Door No.3 to The Mutiny and more in between. Tonight, she's at Schubas Tavern in the Lakeview area to jam with her friends of the local band - Swearwords, opening for the touring Canadian band Hollerado. This reviewer highly recommends checking out this band whenever they're performing next at a venue near you.

What SouthSide enjoyed about this band was how each member rocked the stage with such enthusiasm and energetic vigor which instantly jumpstarted the audience into toe-tappin' dance moves. Swearwords  had the venue feeling the melodic rhythms and 3 part harmonies (sometimes) within their lively pop alternative rock, blogspot readers. This band was serious at the business of making sure everyone was having a fun time. Performing songs like West of Western and Not To Be Afraid, Swearwords' music sometimes had an electric edge to its rock sound to match a certain tone or mood  of the song and/or Neil's strong falsetto voice. Check out new one Native Fortune in which the band had a gritty blast of retro guitar rock sound that totally dominated this particular song. Yes, it did definitely told a sad take of a tortured heart, blogspot readers, under its intense music especially when gradually leading towards the outro end. But there was also a "lighter" side to this band with No Move No Shake that you can groove to the rhythmic beat.

Midway thru, this performance suddenly became too loud ...even for SouthSide's ears. It wasn't music being performed on stage but either fuzzy noise or overpowering noisiness, blogspot readers. In her opinion, she felt certain songs had the sound turned up at the highest volume than what it originally called for. For example, while performing Common Enemies, she felt overwhelmed by the band's noise that it didn't register the melodies being jumbled together as chaotic confusion ...even the vocals sounded like they were shouting the lyrics instead of singing them. Yet, this was the first instance of the band having this technical problem, blogspot readers. During another song, she heard some muffled off the monitors especially when the electric guitar overshadowed the keyboard rhythms or the keyboards had a moment of bad reverb off the monitors. The blame isn't being placed on Swearwords but on the sound guy. Songs like Distant Planets and Young Bats needed to have less electric or keyboard to merely allow the melodic side to shine and not overwhelm its listener. Songs like Sweet Graffiti and Native Fortune needed that gritty edge to its rock sound so it can match Neil's vocals.

Though sounding a little too noisy for her ears, she still enjoyed herself at Swearwords' opening show at Schubas Tavern. Be prepared, blogpsot readers, to dance a little (or move to the beat) under the band's energetic liveliness and a have fun time.  For more information about the band, visit

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