Thursday, December 22, 2011

16 Dec 11

Hey, blogspot readers, SouthSide's having some pre-holiday fun this weekend! She's rockin' around the holiday tree at Reggie's Music Joint for a very special performance by Misstallica (PA) featuring local band Heaven & Hell opening. Thought not big on reviewing cover/tribute bands, this reviwer does make a few exceptions to that rule and highly suggests getting your Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath (as well as Dio and Rainbow) fix from this local band - Heaven & Hell ( There was no skimping on the rock experience, blogspot readers, nor were there any disappointed fans thoughout their set. Performing classic Sabbath hits like Fairies Wear Boots, Children of the Grave, War Pigs and Dio's - Holy Diver, the front man and his band definitely knew their Ozzy Osbourne fowards and backwards. Every riff ...chord ...changes and lyrics as well as Ozzy handclapping/tambourne mannerisms was captured and timely executed without a single mistake despite a couple of exceptions - no biting of a bat's head or wearing the infamous Ozzy white-fringed one-piece suit. Yet, that didn't matter to SouthSide who was rockin' out along with the Reggie's door/security team while feeling the metal excitement and head banging momentum especially during N.I.B. and Heaven & Hell.

SouthSide would like to make it clear - these rockin' chicks LOVE Metallica ...and no, fellas, they're not your average backstage groupies either. They're actually the world's only all female Metallica tribute band from Philadelphia known as Misstallica ...also formerly known as Misstallicunt and other name variations. First time in Chicago, this tribute band brought the raw head banging metal angst of Metallica and its fierce twitterpating riffs to the fans of this famed band. And that was merely the first two opening songs, blogspot readers, heard within this headlining performance. These rockin' ladies were tearin' up the Music Joint stage with a powerful force of music and sound that clearly demonstrated these rockers weren't going to skimp on the Metallica experience either. They did more than just thrill and wow this crowd. They rocked out the venue with a classic Metallica album in its entirity to the delight of cheers and screams since no one wanted to hear new Metallica material tonight. What SouthSide liked about Misstallica, besides knowing their Metallica material, blogspot readers, was the feminine vocals angst and spite that was pumped into the original lyrics of each song performed. It gave SouthSide as well as every hardcore fan a complete and different point of view than originally written with testosterone vocals. Lead vocalist Gina (also on guitar) thrilled this screaming crowd with her raw yet deep vocals spewing some of the most heated venom over the microphone amidst the gritty guitar sound. Misstallica's music by Metalallica was nothing to sneeze at either. These gals essentially captured the famed rock band's complicated and intricate guitar work and percussion rhythms. If you're a diehard Metallica fan, this performance was definitely for you. This reviewer highly suggests rockin' out with Misstallica at their next scheduled performance. Visit for more information and where Metallica will be featured on the stage again.

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