Friday, August 28, 2009

21 Aug 09

Hey, Fearless fans, it’s a star-studded weekend for this busy roving reviewer. SouthSide’s on the beat covering back-to-back shows in the hottest area of town for live local music. Friday, the fun began at the Underground Lounge rocking with metal guys of Dies Mali. It has been a long while since setting foot inside this popular underground venue. And though were a few changes to the venue, the problems with sound still remained. Yet this place was jumpin’ with music tonight! Hardcore and metalheads were out in full force to hear an exciting Timebomb Entertainment lineup. The other bands featured were Losing Scarlet and About Nothin’ with Baseline Mars headlining.

SouthSide recommends checking out Losing Scarlet ( live at their next show or snagging a copy of their self-titled CD. Fans will like the haunting vocals by Jodi as well as the hardcore guitar riffs. This reviewer suggests listening to songs Philiphobia, Forsaken and Die with Us. SouthSide also recommends the crossover sounds of classic psychedelic rock and metal by About Nothin’ ( or This eclectic rock band may pound your ears with offbeat riffs going in different directions. Well, believe it or not, Fearless fans, this really is what pounds your ears with good music. Differently not your typical metal sound for a metal band however that’s what makes About Nothin’ so unique. SouthSide suggests listening to their legendary south of the border song. Fans will enjoy watching as well as hearing the crazy, fast flying riffs off the bass. It was totally amazing watching Nicky (vocals/bass) perform …those fingers will astound and dazzle your eyes …the sound will entice your ears for more. She recommends checking this band out live or snagging their 3-song CD titled Blue Balls. According to About Nothin’, it’s great on the grill!

SouthSide says if you’re looking for a metal band with power of Disturbed and a dark rock sound you can bang your head to the beat, then check out her friends, Dies Mali. Pronounced [dee-es ‘mah-lee], it’s Latin for “bad days” however this band won’t give Fearless fans any bad nights when on stage. Dies Mali gave the audience hard hitting guitar riffs and rhythm that got the blood flowing under the spectacle glow of their stage lights. This reviewer enjoyed the way Dies’ music reveals our deepest and darkest fears and secrets in each song. For example, listen to the song My Father and hear the anguish of a son’s lament for his father. Or could that be anger for father forsaking him when he needed him the most? It is SouthSide’s favorite song for its haunting electronica rhythms mixed with the hardcore guitar riffs.

Too bad Dies Mali wasn’t able to perform the song live Friday night when the fuse blew at the start of the intro. That wasn’t the only problem with the sound during this performance. SouthSide had a hard time hearing the backing vocals with certain songs due to microphone trouble. In her opinion, the smaller stage did hamper the full rock experience of a Dies Mali show. Despite the minor setbacks, this band still rocked the venue with an impromptu guitar and drum solos. The highlight of the night came when Dies performed a brand new song. The pre-recorded effects added a subtle ambient feel to it. It was so dark …so creepy and yes, SouthSide totally enjoyed it feeling the darkness of the lyrics.

Not their best outing, Fearless fans, however this reviewer highly recommends checking out her friends, Dies Mali. These dark rockers will hit the stage again on September 8th at Chicago City Limits in Schaumburg. She guarantees you’ll love the dark more. Also snag a copy of their CD, Mourning Portraits. It’s a worthy addition to your metal/hardcore rock CD collection. For more information about Dies Mali, visit them at

Until next time, Fearless fans, support your local artists and music.



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