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12 Oct 13 - Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs

...Who wants to fuck?!...

They banged SouthSide ...Texan glitter glam/punk rock style!

Don't worry they didn't bruise her too bad ...but they did get her on stage to sing?! More about that part in a minute...

What a wild and crazy Saturday night deep within the heart of Wrigleyville rockin' Underground Lounge with Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs, blogspot readers! This band traveling from Dallas, Texas made their only Chicago stop on their Get Banged tour both fun and memorial for all. They introduced this local reviewer to Texan glitter glam/punk rock while she introduced the band, Tweetie the tour manager and guests to Chicago-style deep dish pizza after the show at Beggar's Pizza. Plus she also met Wolfie's (aka Debbie) family who found Chicago's expressways confusing but liked how downtown is not only a business district but a livable area to play, entertain and shop. SouthSide highly recommends checking out the fun interview she did with Scary Cherry and Jinx the Minx -

Despite being the only band scheduled to perform, Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs turned their debut into a full length rock concert featuring all of the glitz and glam this tiny underground venue could possibly handle, blogspot readers. Upon entering, those who attended the show received a "Hello, my name is" name tag to wear as well as two signs - one reading FUCK and the other a Scary Cherry head. Both to be used throughout their set. Next, be prepared to get banged whether you're in audience watching and/or being volunteered to be part of the show. SouthSide received the opportunity of being both. Funny thing is - she hadn't sung in front of people in years! 

Anyway ...kicking off their show with Don't Wanna (track 1 off Girl) and Tonight, this band wasted no time blasting the ears with such powerful female vocals amidst furiously fast punk sound. This reviewer enjoyed how Leslie (aka Scary Cherry) had the voice of two female vocalists from the 80s - the raw rock tone of Joan Jett and the heartfelt voice of Pat Benetar to which she was able to put either heated spite and/or frustration into the lyrics throughout the performance. As Scary Cherry, she was a fireball of energy, blogspot readers, personifying that Girl in each song. She was that Girl who wants to kick your ass or fuck you and/or a little of both while working not only the stage but also the bar. Yes, this vocalist was the first (to SouthSide's knowledge) to stand as well as dance on the Underground Lounge's bar counter. Wolfie as Scary Cherry's partner in crime added her own badass attitude moments on stage whether she's doing backing vocal harmonies or exciting the audience with her exuberant energy. Together, these gals showed off some true girl power amongst the band of rockin' male musicians.

Speaking of the males of Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs ...yeah, Jinx the Minx, Tony Coke, Alan and Andrew - these guys banged hard and loud, blogspot readers. Performing other songs like Glitter track 3), Tracked Down (track 11) and Anita 69 (track 10), the guys brought out the ferocious intensity of Scary Cherry's glitter glam sound. Then again, ferocious may not be the right word to describe it. Let's try - explosively hardcore (and sometimes unexpected) to the point you will feel the energy to get banged with other people in the audience i.e. moshing and slam dancing. Yet that's the true beauty of attending a show like this, blogspot readers. The more the intensity this band produced the more explosive they become. And you simply don't watch it either are part of it along with the band. Even the band gets into the act of slam dancing while performing the roller derby anthem - Slaughter. Now, what's this ...about SouthSide singing with band she hinted earlier in this review. Well ...somewhere in the YouTube universe there's probably a video or two as well as photos on the net of this local reviewer singing on stage with Scary Cherry and Wolfie during the song Cherry Bomb. To be honest, she may have sounded off key but who cares?! She was having too much fun dancing and singing with the band on stage.

However the fun didn't stop after the show was over, blogspot readers. Since she had no other plans and nothing else to do, Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs got a chance to witness and experience part of the midnight hour nightlife in Wrigleyville. While loading their bus (one of those mini buses/vans that are used as transportation for senior centers), the bar hopper crowd was out and about up and down Clark Street checking out the band ...trying on the Scary Cherry head and snapping photos with the band before enjoying a late night meal at Beggar's Pizza for deep dish pizza! Now that they had tried our local delicacy, Scary wants to try ribs next. Sadly, the band had to catch some Zzz's before heading back on the road for points eastward in Detroit and New York (currently they are in New York performing random shows during CMJ, blogspot readers). SouthSide hopes they return to Chicago again with a longer stay for pizza, ribs and Texas BBQ.

Getting banged with Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs is a must, blogspot readers. SouthSide highly recommends picking up their CD - Girl and try other songs like S.T.F.U. (track 7) and The Secret, Frankie? (track 9) ...just for fun. For more information and where to get yourself banged with the band, visit

Until next time, support your local scene,

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