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01 Apr 12 - part 1

"...All you need is Lon..."

SouthSide would like to announce the she's retiring from the position as Chicago's local scene queen...

April Fools, blogspot readers! However, there's no foolin' about today's exciting adventure around town. SouthSide kicked off her April calendar with not one but two parties, one in Rogers Park and the other in Wicker Park. Within the Glenwood Arts District, she attended a very special CD release party featuring more than just the guest of honor on stage but delicious pizza and yummy cake and other guest performances too. The Red Line Tap was the fitting place to hold whitewolfsonicprincess' 10 + 1 CD release party where invited family, friends, and fans had the pleasure of hearing select songs off the new album live. Also special guests Chris Bock and Lon Lennon entertained the audience with lively acoustic sets before whitewolfsonicprincess took the stage.

C Bock Chris Bock

SouthSide recommends checking out this singer/songwriter who opened the music portion of whitewolfsonicprincess' party with an acoustic performance full of heartfelt falsetto amidst an electric/folk sound. This reviweer liked how his voice vividly popped the lyrics to life even while in a downtempo ballad where the vocals deeply conveyed such tender emotions inside his falsetto range. Though the electric was a little overpowering, the riffs combined with the harmonica rhythms added the right amount of energy without losing the heartfelt tone during the few songs performed like My City's In Ruin and Percy Sledge's Dark End of the Street. Also, this reviewer suggests rockin' your love foor the Fab Four to the ukelele with Lon Lennon (John's long-lost cousin from Liverpool). His short set entertained the audience with his renditions of Strawberry Fields and Bobby Darin's Beyond The Sea (sung in French and English) before ending with The Marcels' Blue Moon.

L Lennon Lon Lennon

WWSP 4 whitewolfsonicprincess

Before premiering live selections off the new CD, 10 + 1, whitewolfsonicprincess founding members, Carla and James opened with an emotional (and teary) speech thanking those who made the album possible. SouthSide highly suggests honing into your organic side to this band's psychedelia groove amidst the modern folk/rock sound and music at their next performance. whitewolfsonicprincess (one word, blogspot readers) rocked the stage with a lively version of the new album that featured energizing momentum and spirit reminiscent of the late 60s/early70s folk scene as heard in opening song, Inner Light (listen closely to the lyrics and hear the personal mantra). The live version also featured guitarist Victor Sanders and saxophonist Nick performing with the band on the songs in which they recorded with them. For example, SouthSide's favorite Spanish flamenco-inspired song, Lady in the Sand, was vividly brought to life with Victor's electric riffs inter-tangoing James' Latin rhythm. The unique combination of the two guitars created the mysterious yet dreamy vibe felt within this particular folk song that did more than capture the fiery spirit of a flamenco dance but had fan Charles doing a passionate interpretive dance for the audience. Meanwhile, during Radio Man, whitewolfsonicprincess' organic folk/rock music easily merged with the cool rhythms of Nick's saxophone thus changing it into a lively contemporary sound. Under this newly blended music, Carla became quite dramatic with her expressive body language and vibrantly dynamic within her chantenuese-like vocals. SouthSide had a hard time picking other songs to suggest, blogspot readers, since each one during this show was equally worth your time to listen. Yet this reviewer does recommend Black, Black Wings (for its calm sound one minute then fiery momentum the next under a folk-driven sound) and Fallen (for the intense melodic guitar rhythms and tempo which rocked out the set). Blogspot readers can expect a review on whitewolfsonicprincess' 10 + 1 CD soon but in the meantime, visit for music and information on when and where they will be rockin' the stage again.


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