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14 Jan 11 - The Flabby Hoffman Fest

Hey, blogspot readers, love, peace, happiness and lots more at this post-millenial Woodstock event. On Friday night, SouthSide attended one unique music fest featuring over 70 local artists/bands, sideshow acts and comedians and artisans/crafters under one roof. The Abbey Pub played host to the premiere event known as The Flabby Hoffman Fest - a rockin' salute to this local legend's service within the Chicago music scene which spanned two stages over two nights.

On the main stage - Sloop Biederman welcomed festgoers and then Baggy Time (http://www.myspace.com/baggytime) got the fest going with whimsical yet sexually-laced humor in her songs during the short acoustic performance. SouthSide hears she's also available to perform mood music for all of your intimate bedroom moments ...for a reasonable fee. Spherical Banana (http://www.myspace.com/sphericalbanana) rocked the stage with the ambience and spirit of the psychedelic rock age. In between this performance and The Enormous Johnsons, it was time to another fun edition of the Flabby Hoffman Game in which the lucky contestant wins a fabulous prize from Flabby's mystery sack. If ever a contestant, blogspot readers, just remember most answers are "C". From the wild regions of Tarzania and beyond, The Enormous Johnsons (http://www.enormousjohnsons.com) entertained the crowd with lively renditions like War's Low Rider and Divinyls' I Touch Myself. Next there was throat warbling and vocal stimulation by Sid Yiddish (http://www.myspace.com/2dollarcockroach) before Lucrezio (http://www.myspace.com/lucrezio) took over the stage. SouthSide was highly impressed by this band's vibrant yet melodic hardcore rock sound especially during the song, Silence (off upcoming album). This band will be rockin' the stage again on March 29 at Elbo Room - expect a full review, blogspot readers.

After another game show break, the all-female punk/metal rock band The Wanton Looks (http://www.myspace.com/wantonlooks) kicked major arse on stage! Watch out, these rockers had razor sharp claws to scratch out the spunk and energy heard off the guitars and vocals during songs like Neverending. SouthSide's looking forward to reviewing this band as well. In between acts, Wildfire Weaver dazzled the crowd with a spectacular performance of fire dancing to Guns-N-Roses tune, Sweet Child Of Mine. Then, The Hidden Dangers (http://www.myspace.com/thehiddendangers) had the crowd rockin' to the sound of deep falsettos and hardcore/alternative guitar rock. SouthSide highly suggests listening to the head banging anthem - Kill Me Twice off current CD, Release The Hounds. Meanwhile Sara seductively charmed most of the male audience with the very exotic and sensual act of belly dancing. This artisan was a tempting Turkish delight for all, blogspot readers. SouthSide highly recommends checking out the dynamic versatility in both music and vocals of Pipe Dream (http://www.pipedreamband.com). She enjoyed the energy projected within the realistic but heartfelt memories vividly expressed in the lyrics especially during the song Ten in which the female vocalist made hearts bleed from her emotional plea "...let me save you..." This reviewer also suggests listening to Because I Said So, a song about any mother's usual answer to a child's question of "why?". Blogspot readers can expect a full review on this band as well as the next one in the next future.

This reviewer highly recommends checking out the whimsical world and lively spontanity of this Chameleon World (http://www.morethanaband.com). This band's energetic pop/rock sound definitely POPPED with charismatic stage presence and delightful fun throughout the set. Check out songs The Entire World Minus Batman (what would happen if Gotham City's villians actually destroyed Batman), Kitty Kat (a song that has nothing do with a "cat") and Someone Stole My Street (what happens when strip malls take over your street). While Aston and the guys were quickly setting up, Blunt Objects Theatre did a non-Disney version of Pinochio which taught all adults to always use protective sealant on your wood. Hail The Black Dragons (http://www.myspace.com/hailtheblackdragons) closed out the main stage featuring the wild guitar man Lizard. Though SouthSide was sorely missing the rockin' trippy/spaceage rock rhythms by Android (on keyboards), she still enjoyed hearing the hard-hitting guitar rock vibe and energy during the band's epic songs (she suggests listening to track 1 - Wings Of Hyperion off Space Phantom Machine Vampire CD).

Meanwhile inside the Pub area of The Abbey, comedian Rick March hosted the side stage acts of The Flabby Fest which mostly featured acoustic performances. Chuck's Wagon (http://www.myspace.com/chuckswagonmusic) entertained the bar crowd with a lively mix of Americana/bluegrass to rockin' Blues/Rockabilly music. This group was followed by Wooden Wing and his crooner-style vocals and then the sister duo act of Jenny and Robin Bienemann. In between acts at the side stage, there was comedic entertainment by Christian Bernal and Harold Pierre. Other music performances included Kitty Mortland and Stoneguard. SouthSide highly suggests checking out the acoustically melodic side to Moxie Motive (http://www.myspace.com/moxiemotive). Members of the full band, the duo featured an interesting combination of electric guitar and violin that highlighted the depth and meaning heard in the lyrics. Yet the haunting violin rhythms brought out the emotional pain and anguish within the lead vocals and his deep falsettos. Meanwhile, Lizard (of HTBDs/Plain Ole Delicious/The Flabby Hoffman Trio) raved about Monk 9's performance saying "...it was f-in' stellar..." Monk 9 (http://www.myspace.com/monknine) dazzled the crowded pub with a rockin', high energy psychedelic/hardcore two-man show. And it's not just the music that will attract you, blogspot readers. Dig the crazy costumes in which they rock the stage with blood-curdling riffs and percussion rhythms ...lots of vibrant sound to keep you groovin' to the beat. Liston to their songs Nasty Girl and Leave Me Alone as well as a rockin' version of KC and the Sunshine Band's Get Down Tonight.

Upstairs in the balcony area of the main stage, local arts/crafters lined tables displaying handcrafted jewelry to paintings and t-shirts. SouthSide's outspoken friend for artists' speech rights, Chris Drew, was there with art patches and t-shirts. Visit http://www.art-teez.org to learn more about this organization and their fight to change Chicago's peddlers license law for artists. SouthSide's other friend, Madame Platypus was also in attendance with new jewelry pieces on display at her table. Visit http://www.madameplatypus.com for catalog and details. Also she shall be rockin' the acoustic stage on February 12 during the Brad Coles Acoustic Circus series.

This reviewer browsed the many other tables that caught her wandering eye such as Terry Tuccori and his originally designed guitar string bracelets and necklaces. Email him at tuccoristring@comcast.net to view his unique pieces (SouthSide recommends the skull designs to all rockers). Don't throw away your bottle caps, blogspot readers, it can be re-used as jewelry too! Visit Michel Rosenthal at http://www.etsy.com/your_shop.php to view her one of a kind bottle cap jewelry catalog. On display, she had Lady Gaga (from the Poker Face video) to local sports (ie Sox, Bears) as well as other fun icons. She also does custom designs too. For all your letterpress needs, SouthSide highly suggests using Steel Petal Press. This local artisan does greeting cards to announcements as well as custom work. Visit http://www.steelpetalpress.etsy.com for details and catalog.

The highlight of this upstairs was Rob Hogan, the Pointillism Artist who creates beautiful paintings with dots. Think of him as the modern day Georges Seurat and his famous intricately dot-painting Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grand-Jatte. At first, SouthSide was fooled by his work ...she thought his artwork were merely photographs that were ran through a Xerox machine to have that fuzzy look. Not at all, blogspot readers, she had a chance to watch this artist create his next portrait which will be auctioned off during a charity event for Joffery Ballet. Rob's portrait of the Cloud Bean took an estimated 100,000 points of color to create. You can view his prints online at http://www.robhogan.etsy.com. Also he wants everyone to know about what's happening throughout the month of February along Michigan Avenue. There will a unique heart art display created by faculty, staff and students of Columbia College as well as well known sports celebrities in support of Northwestern's Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute called Hearts of Bluhm. Visit http://www.heartsofbluhm.org for more details and sponsorhsip.

Whew, what a night, blogspot readers yet that was simply the beginning of this two-day extravaganza. More rockin' local acts and sideshow features were to follow on Saturday night such as The Flabby Hoffman Trio (never really a trio), General Patton & His Privates, comedians Ian Foley and Patty Vaccarella and more. Sadly, SouthSide wasn't able to attend Saturday's excitng show however she cannot wait to see what Flabby pulls out of his mysterious sack for next year's fest!

Until next time, support your local scene,

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    Would have loved to go out to the Flabby Fest. Could kick myself after reading what I miss, of course not that flexible. Will make it a point not to miss next year's event. Plus, had the Mama with him last week, so no city time.



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