Thursday, April 2, 2015

27 Mar 15

“…it’s very sensual music …so loosen up…”

Hey, blogspot readers, it’s a global dance party for SouthSide’s first Friday night back around town!

Tonight, she’s getting her Reggae-world fusion with her new friend, Kreyol Roots at The Old Town School of Folk Music (inside the Szold Music & Dance Hall). However, for this exclusive adventure, she’s not only just listening and reviewing the music …she’s also grooving to a few new dance steps she learned blogspot readers.

So what really happens at a Global Dance Party? Well, besides meeting or making new friends, you get about thirty (30) minutes of real dance instruction to accompany the type of music you’re about to enjoy during the rest of the evening. So, it’s all about dancing …having some fun and a new learning experience. Tonight’s instructor before Kreyol Roots performed on “stage” was Margaret.

The dance instruction time consisted of loosening up the participants hips, stomach and butt with a few basic rhythmic African steps. One thing to know, blogspot readers, no prior dance experience is necessary …just the willingness to join the class and try something new and fun. And what a fun time it was! Moving the hips …shaking the bottom to the lively West African drumbeats …feeling the rhythmic spirit of the music until we were doing the dance steps on our own.

Now, that we were warmed up with our new dance steps, it was time for us to put the steps and music together while Kreyol Roots rockin’ the “stage”. This reviewer highly recommends checking out this local band’s eclectic fusion of guitar rock mixed with vibrant West African rhythms, Caribbean drums and melodic keyboard for soul. It’s the kind of music that truly encourages you to dance …not the just feel or listen to the music, blogspot readers, and you won’t be sitting on the sidelines too long. The rhythmic floetry kept SouthSide’s feet tapping to the beat and her hips swaying to the African sound. Don’t be afraid …the band wants you to feel your love for them and their music. Exciting …fresh and fun all around in which many of the participants (after some encouragement from the band) took to the dance floor. Yep, it was really a global dance party now! If you want to feel the sensual rhythms of world fusion that will keep you dancing, then SouthSide highly recommends checking out Kreyol Roots at the band’s next live performance. And you don't have to take SouthSide's word ...her teen daughter enjoyed herself though not wanting to dance. For more information, visit

Other upcoming Global Dance Party events will feature Cajun music by Feufollet (on April 3), the rare combination of Calypso, reggae and acoustic instrumentation by Kobo Town (April 10) or music from Cuba’s Golden Age of the 40s and 50s by Los Perros Cubanos (April 24). For more information and tickets, visit


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